The Thin Man was based on Dashiell Hammett’s 1933 novel The Thin Man, which introduced the characters of Nick and Nora Charles. Nick Charles, an ex-private detective, marries Nora and lives in a luxurious Park Avenue apartment in New York City. Nick's former underworld friends still hang around and get him involved in a number of crimes that he solves. Beatrice Dane is a beautiful con artist using the alias "Blondie Collins" and Nora finds it difficult to be hospitable to her. Filmed in 1957 and 58, Robby the Robot appears in one episode! Guest celebrities include Bob Hope and Don Rickles, among others. This huge collection includes Season One and Season Two in an 18 DVD-R Set. BEAUTIFUL QUALITY! This awesome collection comes in 3 Volumes, beautifully packaged in cases, custom printed covers, custom printed DVD-R disc (no sharpie labels or numbers) shrink-wrapped for gift-giving.



The Duke of Sing-Sing
The Angel Biz
Come Back Darling Asta
The Paris Pendant
That's the Spirit
The Acrostic Murders
The Dead Duck
The Fatal Cliche
Ring Around Rosie
Angels in Paradise
The Fashion Showdown
The Dead Giveaway
Unwelcome Alibi
Asia Day
The Scene Stealer
The Damone Dilemma
Unholy Lucky Numbers
Man on the Bridge
The Pre-Incan Caper
Murder is Where You Find It
Ship Shake Down
Robot Client
The Mystery of the Missing Murders







Double Jeopardy
Jittery Juror
The Departed Doctor
The Tennis Champ
The Delinquent
The Painted Witnesses
Saucer People
The Carstadt Man
The Art of Murder
Kappa Kappa Kaper
The Valley Forger
The Screaming Doll
Scene of the Crime
Pack My Gat, Beulah
The Lost Chapter
I Loathe Your Darling
The Human Bomb
A Plague of Pigeons
Design for Murder
The Lady On the Lam
Beauty and the Bath






The Case of the Baggy Pants
The Maine Thing
The Big Holdout
The Perfect Servant
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Morgue
Black Wind and Lightning
Holiday For Hazel
Mayhem to Music
La Sabre Invecta est?
Glory Road
Anonymity Anyone?
That’s Gratitude
The Cat Kicker
Bronze Bonze
Requiem For a Recluse
Nora Goes Over the Wall
Hamilton Hollered Help
Dear Dead Days
Cold Cargo
Bat McKidderick
Cherchez la Sexpot
Paradise Discovered




Thin Man TV Series
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