SET #1 -
The ruthless self-appointed Governor Nichols and his militia are driving ranchers off their land. When they go after the Culver's, Wild Bill arrives to help them and the outnumbered ranchers fight back.
The 1943 Republic westerns of "Wild Bill" Elliot maintained a high batting average, and Bordertown Gunfighters was no exception. Elliot is cast as an undercover government agent, assigned to stop a gang of swindlers who've been preying on Mexican immigrants. The villains aren't averse to committing murder, and on several occasions resort to drastic measures to put Wild Bill out of the way.

SET #2 -

PRARIE SCHOONERS - Being unable to grow crops and pay their land owner Stull due to the drought, Wild Bill gets a group of Kansas farmers to form a wagon train and head to Colorado. Stull is afraid they will ruin his fur business in Colorado and sets out to stop them. He gets there first and giving guns to the Indians, gets them to attack the train.
THE MAN FROM TUMBLE WEEDS - Powder Kilgore (Ray Bennett as Raphael Bennett) kills freighter Jeff Cameron (Edward LeSaint) and the latter's daughter, "Spunky" (Iris Meredith), sends for gunfighter Wild Bill Saunders. Bill finds that few men care to buck the Kilgore gang, and he gets consent from Governor Dawson (Don Beddoe) to form a state ranger's organization out of gunmen now in prison, the men to be pardoned if they prove themselves worthy. (ala THE DIRTY DOZEN?)

SET #3 -
HIDDEN VALLEY OUTLAWS - . Elliott does battle with a cartel of ruthless landgrabbers, who are victimizing settlers throughout the Southwest. With such formidable villains as Roy Barcroft, Kenneth Duncan, Leroy Mason and Bud Geary to contend with, he certainly has his hands full. Anne Jeffreys provides the romantic interest, while George "Gabby" Hayes makes with the usual "Consarn it"s and "Gol'durn whippersnapper"s.
HANDS ACROSS THE ROCKIES - Wild Bill and Cannonball arrive looking for the killer of Cannonball's father only to become involved in a family feud. A man has been charged with kidnaping the girl he plans to marry. So this time Bill turns into a defense lawyer and among the opposition is the killer he is looking for.

SET #4 -
NORTH FROM THE LONE STAR - Kirby is taking over Deadwood and his next victim is Wilson. But Wild Bill arrives just in time to foil Kirby's plan. Kirby makes Bill the town Marshal and Bill arrests Wilson when he shoots one of Kirby's men. It looks like Bill is on Kirby's side until he shuts down Kirby's saloon. This calls for a showdown and Bill and Cannonball go off to face Kirby and his gang
BEYOND THE SACRAMENTO - This time, sidekick Cannonball (Dub Taylor) discovers that two old enemies, swindlers Cord Crowley (Bradley Page) and Jeff Adams (Frank LaRue), are fooling the good folks of Lodestone into believing that they are solid citizens. When the banker, Jason Perry (John Dilson), refuses to heed Wild Bill's warning, the peaceable man is forced to show his hand.

SET #5 -
TAMING OF THE WEST - When a gang of cattle rustlers knocks off several sheriffs in quick succession, it's up to Wild Bill to get to the bottom of things. The moment he pins on his marshal's badge, our hero is marked for extermination by head villain Rawhide (Dick Curtis). Fortunately, the usually eagle-eyed villains are lousy shots when it comes to bumping off Wild Bill, and justice prevails
THE SON OF DAVY CROCKETT - Bill Elliot took time out from his "Wild Bill Hickok" westerns series to essay the title role in Son of Davy Crockett. During the Reconstruction era, Davy Jr. (Elliot) is hired by President Grant (Harrison Greene) to convince the residents of a small territory on the Texas border to align themselves with the United States. Opposing this move is local outlaw leader King Canfield (Kenneth MacDonald), who wants nothing to interfere with his dictatorial hold over the territory.

Set #6 -
DEATH VALLEY MANHUNT - Republic's winning combination of western star Wild Bill Elliot, comic sidekick Gabby Hayes and leading lady Anne Jeffreys is shown to good advantage in Death Valley Manhunt. Elliot plays a lawman who is hired by a group independent oilmen to protect them from crooked business interests. One of the bad guys is Richard Quinn (Weldon Heyburn), who tries to stir up a range war against the oilmen and the local landowners.
THE HOMESTEADERS - Homesteaders Mace Corbin and Clyde Moss pick up much needed dynamite and begin a journey to transport it from an army fort to their homes, hiring a crew of ex-soldiers just released from the army prison. Mace knows he's got his work cut out for him with unstable dynamite, undisciplined hired hands and possible hostile Indians but he doesn't have the slightest hint that his trusted friend Clyde has betrayed him.

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