In this final installment of rare TV pilots you will find a big line up of Hollywood stars including George Kennedy, Richard Egan, Tally Savalas, Robert Vaughn, Harry Morgan, Phyllis Diller, Louis Gosset, Andy Griffith, Dennis Day and Cliff (Charlie Weaver) Arquette in mystery, comedy, science fiction and western pilots. You will find a series based on a popular radio horror series, a si-fi adventure about a man who hunts treasures in trash in outer space and a series based on a President’s famous book.  From Some managed to make it to the small screen for a few weeks….and some never became a regular TV series.  In this group are several excellent made for TV movies



TARGET: THE CORRUPTORS - Stephen McNully stars in a newspaper who solves crimes the hard way.  Walter Matthau and Peter Falk guest star.

TIME OUT FOR GINGER - life in a teenage world with Margaret (Wizard of Oz WITCH) Hamilton

BIG JOHN, LITTLE JOHN - a 40 yr old school teacher drinks from fountain of youth and becomes a 12 year old boy - starring Herb Edelman

DENNIS DAY - CHARLIE WEAVER SHOW - a great comedy series starring two TV icons

STRYKER- Richard Egan and Tally Savalas, Ed Asner, Burgess Meredith and thrilling mystery series
THE THIRD MAN -  Michael Rennie stars in the TV series based on the famous movie

SEAWAY - two trouble shooters who fight crime along the St. Lawrence Seaway stars Rita Moreno & Herschel Mernardi

THE PROTECTORS - Starring Robert Vaughn - “When the law fails the Protectors won’t”

AFTER MASH - Harry Morgan, Jamie Fair and Wm Christopher recreate their roles from M.A.S.H.

ARCHIE - the comic strip comes alive with John Simpson as Archie

MAN FROM THE 25TH CENTURY - Si-I adventure with James Darren in Irwin Allen show

HERE COME THE BRIDES - a western comedy starring Robert Brown, David Soul & Joan Blondell

THE NEW TIME TUNNEL -  more Si-Fi adventure in an all new version that never made it

LITTLE AMY - actually a comedy based on the comic strip Little Audrey starring Debbie Magowan

SILVER FOX - James Coburn - when trouble finds you call on the Silver Fox

FRONTIER CIRCUS -  starred J. Pat O’Naley about a traveling circus roaming the American West

CORONODO 9  -  Rod Cameron stars in police action IN San Diego, California

SALVAGE ONE -  Andy Griffith stars in the made for TV movie si-fi pilot about a specialist in reclaiming junk and trash in outer space.

THE PRUITTS - Phyllis Diller in a comedy pilot which was an inverted BEVERLY HILLBILLIES about a wealthy family who suddenly find themselves broke.

G.P. - Ed Nelson stars along with Mabel Albertson star in a western adventure about a frontier doctor.

INNER SANCTUM - one of Radio’s most famous Mystery/ Horror shows come

PROFILES IN COURAGE - Oscar W. Underwood - based on President Kennedy’s book stars Sidney Blackmer in political drama.

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