Here is another big group of 28 TV pilots that either never found a sponsor and thus never appeared as a regular TV series or ones that actually did make it to the small screen but didn’t survive a single season.  You will find plenty of action, a few laughs and even a couple of game shows with stars like Jerry Van Dyke, Mike Connors, Mickey Rooney, Broderick Crawford, July Andrews, Jackie Cooper, Johnny Cash, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Hayward, James Coburn, Ann Jillian and Edmund Lowe.  The quality of this set is exceptional because many of these rare shows came direct from original 16 MM masters.



GEMINI MAN  - a great science fiction  based on H.G. Wells  stars Ben Murphy as secret agent Sam Casey, who was injured in a diving accident which rendered him invisible.

MY SON GOOGLE - comedy with Jerry Van Dyke

PERSONAL REPORT mystery series starring Wayne Morris and Mike Connors

HEY MULLIGAN - comedy starring Mickey Rooney

KING OF HEARTS - Broderick Crawford  as Detective King with Lola Albright & Tally Savalas

CHARLIE PARADISE - An old woman who hasn't seen for years is found murdered in her Greenwich Village apartment - stars Ron Randall

PUT IT IN WRITING - A show where they analyze peoples writing with Virginia Graham

JULIE - a sitcom with Julie Andrews as a trouble mother 

FRONT PAGE DETECIVE - 50’S who done it with Edmund Lowe

DR DAN - Jackie Cooper

HUDSONS BAY - Barry Nelson stars in an action series in the early mid-west

NIGHTRIDERS - Johnny Cash and Dick Jones

B.A.D. CATS - Michelle Pfeiffer stars along with Jimmy Walker and Asher Brauner in an action/police drama that only ran 9 weeks
THE GHOST BUSTERS - a comedy based on the popular movie series starring Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch

CITY BENEATH THE SEA - Irwin Allen presents another si-fi series starring Stuart Whitman

FITZGERALD AND PRIDE - A proposed series about criminal lawyers starring Susan Hayward and Lee J Cobb

ANGEL - a comedy series starring Marshall Thompson created by Jess (I Love Lucy) Oppenheimer

WE’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER - game show hosted by Jack  Barry

MIAMI UNDERCOVER - like MIAMI VICE & CSI MIAMI and early police action series with Lee Bowman and Rocky Graziano

PAT PAULSON HALF A COMEDY HOUR - a fun series made before Paulson joined the Smothers Brothers

I’M DICKEN’S, HE’S FENSTER - a short lived comedy starring John Astin and Marty Ingels with Frank Du Vol

CHECK IT OUT - Don (Get Smart) Adams in a comedy in a grocery store

 RAINBOW GIRL - Ann Jillian starred in this comedy TV pilot with Cesar Romero

SILVER FOX - James Coburn  stars in this action series

THE REPORTERS starring Harry Guardino as a crime reporter for a newspaper

IRIS - Joanna Cameron stars in this super hero adventure

DAN RAVEN - suspense in this detecive series starring Skip Homeier with Bobby Darin

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