We are back again with 28 more TV pilots.   Many of these never made it to a weekly TV screen and have long been forgotten.  Other made it to become a short lived TV series…..but alas, those that did make it only survived a short period before being plucked from the small screen.  Many of these gems star some big Hollywood names like Sharon Stone, James Coburn, Glynis Johns, Eva Gabor, Soupy Sales, Walter Matthau, Chuck Connors, J. Carrol Nash, Robert Culp, George Jessel, Edward G. Robinson, Sally Field, Chester Morris, Joe E Brown, Joan Davis and even Leslie Neilson.  

Here you will find comedy, mystery, science fiction, adventure and even a variety show.  You’ll even find a proposed TV series based on one of the screens most famous movies.  This series has proven to be one of our most popular offerings.  28 great shows and the quality is very good to excellent (most are 8 to 8.5 or better). 



SPYFORCE starring Bob Thompson in Military Intelligence operatives in the South West Pacific during World War II.

MR AND MRS RYAN - Sharon Stone stars in police action series

THE AFRICAN QUEEN - James Coburn & Glynis Johns in a proposed series based on the movie which was first presented on the DICK POWELL THEATRE

THE DIANA RIGG SHOW - half hour situation comedy series with the star of THE AVENGERS with Nanette Fabray

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS - Eva Gabor stars in a comedy series about a lady who runs a computer dating service.

GOOD MORNING WORLD - Joby Baker and Ronnie Schell with Billy DeWolfe in a comedy about radio disc jockeys

STRANGE ENSPERIENCE - The world of the supernatural in an eerie horror/mystery series

THE SOUPY SALES HOUR - Soupy heads his own wacky hour long variety show with Frank Sinatra,, and Chester Morris, even Judy Garland drops in

MAN FROM TALLAHASSEE -  Walter Matthau stars as a detective solving crime in Florida

COWBOY IN AFRICA -  Chuck Connors stars in an unusual cowboy adventure with Ronald Howard

JET JACKSON - the flying commando - Fun series about a super hero starring Richard Webb

GUESTWARD HO -  Joanne Dru & J. Carrol Nash in a comedy about a guest ranch in the west.

SHANGRA LA PLAZA - A musical comedy series that takes place at a quick food drive in where laughs and music make for a pleasant half hour.

TRACKDOWN - A short lived western series originally presented as a pilot episodes on Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theatre starring Robert Culp

GEORGE JESSEL’S HERE COME THE STARS - An early version of TV Roasts with George Jessel as host honoring Bob Hope with Mickey Rooney, Phyllis Diller, Bing Crosby,  Morey Amseterdam,  Bob Crane - also a look at other future shows with Jack Benny, George Burns, Edward G. Robinson, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles and more.

FOR THE DEFENSE - A half hour drama about a dedicated defense attorney starring Edward G. Robinson fighting to defend a man accused of murder in a vicious fire.

GLASS PALACE - Chester (Boston Blackie) Morris & Ed Nelson a drama series in adventures that take place in a high rise building.  This pilot includes Ricardo Montaban & Anne Francis.

NOW IS TOMORROW - Charles Bickford hosts a Twilight Zone type of adventure starring Robert Culp

GIDGET - Salley Field and Don Porter star in comedy based on the movie

THE JOE E. BROWN SHOW - Comedy series starring the big mouth as  a lovable proprietor of a small town general store. 

OPERATION ESP - it’s laughs with Sheldon Leonard and Bob Sweeney in a comedy about two unsavory characters who make their living by conning their way through life. 

DARK INTRUDER - Leslie Neilsen stars in a horror chiller that never made it as a regular series but will provide plenty of thrills. 

LET’S JOIN JOANIE -  Most lovers of classic comedy are familiar with Joan Davis in I MARRIED JOAN but did you realize that first the attempted this hilarious comedy?

THE SAINT IN MANHATTAN - The famous Simon Templar is back in Manhattan.  Starring Andrew Clarke

MEET THE O’BRIENS - Great comedy starring Dave O’Brien who was famous for the MGM - PETE SMITH shorts.   He also starred in the 30’s cult classic - REEFER MADNESS

BEACH PATROL - Alex Nicol and Russ Conway fight crime with the Coast Guard

ASSIGNMENT: MEXICO - Peggie Castle finds adventure and danger as she manages a travel agency.

DADDY-O - Don Defore best remember from HAZEL & OZZIE AND HARRIETT stars in this comedy about a television actor who always seems to find trouble.

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