Here are 28 more very rare TV pilots.   Many of these shows were never sold to sponsors and thus never became regular TV series while others did make it to TV but only lasted a few weeks.  Here is another like of great stars like Bette Davis, Woody Allen, Betty Hutton, Groucho Marx, Walter Winchell, Richard Egan, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Lansing, David Hedison and even Tony (Psycho) Perkins in what was to be a weekly comedy series.

Don’t miss this fantastic group it forgotten gems that include two full length feature films based on the popular CRIME CLUB SERIES,  a full length movie about an oriental woman of evil, an unusual full length movie about a most unique train and so much more.   The quality of this set is truly outstanding as most of these shows came from original 16 MM prints.  Here you will also find one of the best quality prints we have ever seen of the rare, original pilot for AMOS N’ ANDY.   A true collectors gem. 

MADAM SIN - full length suspense movie pilot starring Robert Wagner and Bette Davis

LAUGHMAKERS - Woody Allen comedy starring Louise Lasser & Alan Alda

STRICTLY FOR LAUGHS -  Dave Barry hosts Mel Blanc,  Alan (Fred Flintstone) Reed, Sidney Melton, Ken Murray & Jesse White in a new kind of talk show.

STEVE CANYON - based on Milton Caniff comic strip

26 MEN -produced by Russell Hayden starring Tris Coffin western aciton

AMOS N’ ANDY - the classic RARE COIN - one of the most beautiful prints you will ever see

DECISIONS DECISIONS - game show hosted by Bill Cullen

SUPERTRAIN - and all star cast including  Steve Lawrence, Keenan Wynn, Don Straud and Don Meredith in the full length movie about a fantastic new continental train that led to a short 9 week series.  

MR TERRIFIC - take off on super hero’s comedy starred John McGiver and Stephen Strimpell

THE BETTY HUTTON SHOW - Her only attempt at a TV series and the quality is fantastic

WHAT DO YOU WANT? - Groucho Marx tried a new kind of reality show

FIVE FINGERS -  Counterspy for the US starring David (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) Hedison

THE WALTER WINCHELL FILES - Winchell hosts a crime series stars Gene

VIC N’ SADE - based on the popular radio series

CRIME CLUB  (BLACK AND WHITE) - full length movie pilot starring Robert Lansing

CRIME CLUB (COLOR) - a totally different full length movie pilot starring Lloyd Bridges, Victor Bruno,. Barbara Rush, Martin Sheen,  William Devane, David Hedison and Clioris Leachman

GENTRY’S PEOPLE - A private detective series starring Keefe Brasselle and J.C. Flippen with Jannette Nolan, James Best and Virginia Grey

U.S. BORDER PATROL - Ben Johnson and Robert Webb in exciting action series

WAY OUT - this series replaced the Jackie Gleason talk show but only lasted 9 weeks - a Twilight Zone type of series

GHOST WRITER - a truly different kind of comedy starring Anthony (PSYCHO) Perkins

ICHABOD AND ME - Originally on the G.E. Theatre with Ronald Reagan this comedy series starred George Chandler and Leon Ames

THE DAVID NIVEN SHOW  - Niven hosts a story starring Cameron Mitchell about a gambler in Reno

HAPPY - a unique comedy about a talking baby stars who brings laughter to his parents in an adorable comedy.

JOHNNY MOCCASIN - starring Jode McCrea and Iron Eyes Cody with Claude Akins in the pilot about an Indian in the old west.

WHERE THERES SMOKEY - Gale Gordon and Soupy Sales in the comedy about a fireman

ARNIE - comedy starring Hershel Bernardi in a short lived TV series

STRYKER -great police action in this proposed hour long series starring Richard Egan with Telly Savalas and Burgess Meredith

JACKSON AND HILL - Husband and wife laughs starring Todd Karns & Helen Chapman in MODEL MIX-UP

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