As most people know, a TV pilot is basically a sample of a proposed TV series.  These are what are presented to potential sponsors in hopes that they will be bought and eventually become a weekly series.  However most Pilots are never sold and just sit on shelves unseen by the public.  Likewise, some of these pilots do make it to the airwaves but never succeed with more then a handful of shows before they are cancelled.

What we present here are a unique group of these pilots. You will find some of Hollywood’s greatest stars like Bette Davis in a proposed COMEDY show (Bette Davis in a comedy you ask?), George Brent in a western based loosely on the Zorro legend, William Shatner cast as a Greek warrior and Martin Landau & Barbara Bain in an adventure series that never made it?

Here you will find stars like Judy Canova, Disney favorite Dean Jones, Jose Ferrer, George Burns, Carl Betz & Bill Dee Williams.  And did you know that a totally different cast was originally planned for the MR ED series & HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE  and that GILLIGAN’S ISLAND was proposed with a slightly different cast or that McHALE’S NAVY was originally an hour long TV drama hosted by Fred Astaire?  

And how about those famous comic strips and popular radio series that never quite made it on TV.   You will find that and more in this unusual group of 30 UNSOLD & RARE TV PILOTS.   A true collectors gem. Wonderful classic TV shows on DVD.



THE PANTOM from the famous comic strip starring Roger Creed with Lon Chaney, Paulette Goddard & Reginald Denny

THE SHADOW based on the popular radio series starring Tom Helmore as Lamont Cranston

SAVAGE starring Martin Landau & Barbara Bain with Will Geer

THE DEAN JONES SHOW - with Diane McBain & Robert Middleton

THE GEORGE BURNS SHOW -  with Ronnie Burns

LIL’ ABNER  - based on the famous comic strip starring Judy Canova, Sammy Jackson & Jerry Lester

PASS THE LINE starring  Cliff Saver with Johnathan Winters

DUFFY’S TAVERN  from the popular radio program starring Ed Gardner & Alan (Fred Flintsone) Reed

MR ED - 1ST VERSION - starring Scott McKay & Sandra White and was actually titled WILBER POPE AND MR ED.

MR ED - 2ND VERSION - starring Scott McKay & Sandra White

MR ED - FINAL VERSION - starring Alan Young & Connie Hines

NUT HOUSE - produced by Jay Ward this is a LAUGH IN type comedy show

GILLIGAN’S ISLAND - Same Gilligan & Captain but different theme music and different professor and girls.

DOODLES WEAVER - Doodle’s was a regular on the Spike Jones show and starred in numerous movies in the 40’s and 50’s

SEVEN AGAINST THE SEA - Fred Astaire hosted this hour drama  series which presented a drama starring Ernest Borgine which was later to become McHALES NAVY

HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE - A different version than the one later aired starring Barbara Eden - this one starred Lori Nelson, Doe Avedon & Charlotte Austin

THE DECORATOR - Bette Davis was to star in the comedy series in which she played an interior decorator along with Ed Bagley

EVERYTHING MONEY CAN’T BUY - Jose Ferrer stars as an angel who helps romance with Bert Convy

EL COYOTE - A western based loosely on the Zorro legend starring George Brent,
1956 Olympic champion Muriel Davis & Billy Gilbert

CALVARY COMMAND - starring Everett (Citizen Kane) Sloan and Ben Cooper

BROCK CALLAHAN - great fun detective show starring Ken Clark in THE SILENT KILL

CRISIS - starring Carl Betz & Billy Dee Williams in An hour long  physiological thriller guest starring  Susan Strasberg, & Ruth Roman

ALEXANDER THE GREAT - William Shatner stared in a unique hour long show about the great Greek warrior.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS - John McGiver stared as head of a department store return department.

THE JOE PYNE SHOW - a unique forum with interviews with fascinating people.

THE DENNIS DAY SHOW - Jack Benny’s singer had his own short lived TV series which also featured Bea Benaderet

MOUNTAIN MAN - starring Peter Palmer in a great action series

JOHNNY NIGHTHAWK - starring Scott Brady as an airplane pilot who finds plenty of adventure

SHAZAM! - comic book hero CAPTAIN MARVEL

WORLD OF GIANTS - Great Science Fiction series starring Marshall Thompson

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