The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin was children's television program. Beginning in October 1954 until May 1959, 166 episodes originally aired on ABC television network. It starred child actor Lee Aaker as Rusty, a boy orphaned in an Indian raid, who was being raised by the soldiers at a US Cavalry post known as Fort Apache. He and his German shepherd dog, Rin Tin Tin, helped the soldiers to establish order in the American WestThe episodes were filmed on a low budget, limiting the film stock to black-and-white. Set #1 is a 4 DVD collection. Quality rating is 8-9.



Meet Rin Tin Tin

Wolf Cry

The Flaming Forest

The Raging River

Th Education of Corporal Rusty

The Apache Chief


Outcast of Fort Apache

 The Ancient Mariner

The Raw Recruit

The Blood Brothers

The Scared Lance

The Shifting Sands

Rusty Plays Cupid

The Medicine Man

The Babe in the Woods

The Eagles Nest

Rusty Resigns

Legacy of Sean O’Hara

Barber of Saville

The Blushing Bride

The Guilty One

The Magic Box

The Printers Devil

 Dead Man’s Gold

The Ghost Town

Ohara Get’s Busted

The Bounty Hunters

Farewell to Fort Apache

The Lonesome Road

The Bugle Call

Meets Shakespeare

Rin Tin Tin Classic TV Shows
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