Jess Oppenheimer, co-creator of I Love Lucy, created and produced this 1960 sitcom. It’s the story of a pretty French girl, Angel who has just moved to America after getting married to her sweetheart, John. Although she tries her best to be a loving and responsible housewife for her new husband, she frequently runs into problems, usually due to misunderstandings stemming from her poor command of the English language. Annie Farge stars as Angel and Marshal Thompson as her husband, an architect. This collection includes 24 of the 33 episodes telecast from 1960 - 61. 6 DVD Set. Excellent Quality.




Disc 1

Goodbye, Young Lover

The Littlest Leaguer

The Trailer



Disc 2

The Dentist

Easy Touch

Honest Man



Disc 3

Driving Lesson

Insurance Policy

Call Me Mother

The Dowry


Disc 4

The Second Marriage

The Guided Tour

Joint Bank Account

The French Lesson


Disc 5

Little White Lies

The Contest Club

Happy Marriage

The Wedding


Disc 6

Voting Can Be Fun


House Guest

French Touch - (Premier Episode)

Angel TV Series
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