BLACK SADDLE - Complete Series - starring Peter Breck


Black Saddle is a Western TV series that ran on NBC from January 10, 1959, to May 6, 1960 and stars Peter Breck as Clay Culhane, a former gunfighter who turned into a lawyer after his brothers were killed in a shootout. Clay has one problem U.S. Marshal Gib Scott doesn't quite believe that Clay has given up the gun for good as he tries to settle disputes with the law and not the pistol.

This is a two album set on 12 DVDs - 4 episodes per disc for excellent quality. THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.



Disc 1
Threat of Violence
Client: Travers
Client: Meade
Client: McQueen

Disc 2
Client: Dawes
Client: Starkey
Client: Tagger
Client: Robinson

Disc 3
Client: Martinez
Client: Northrup
Client: Steele
Client: Mowery

Disc 4
Client: Braun
Client: Banks
Client: Jessup
Client: Frome

Disc 5
Client: Nelson
Client: Neal Adams
Client: Brand
Client: Reynolds

Disc 6
Client: Vardon
The Freebooters
The Saddle
The Long Rider


Disc 1
The Hotel
Client: Peter Warren
The Freight Line

Disc 2
Apache Trail
Four From Stillwater
The Deal
Change of Venue

Disc 3
Blood Money
The Killer
Letter of Death
Mr. Simpson

Disc 4
Means to An End
The Indian Tree
The Apprentice
Burden of Guilt

Disc 5
The Cabin
The Return
A Case of Slow

Disc 6
The Penalty
End of The Line

BLACK SADDLE - Complete Series - starring Peter Breck
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