This short-lived television series was based on the adventures of a jewel thief and former safe cracker who turns good guy-detective, and good samaritan. An "enemy to those who make him an enemy, friend to those who have no friend."  Often pursued by Inspector Farraday, with the assistance of his girlfriend Mary, Boston Blackie set right the wrongs done to innocent people. Kent Taylor starred in this ZIV produced half-hour TV series from 1951 set in Los Angeles. Lois Collier stars as Mary and Frank Orth stars as Inspector Farraday. Transferred from early archival prints for the best quality possible.


The Train Murder
Cop Killer
The Oil Field Murder
The Phone Booth murder
The Blind Beggar
The Fortune Teller (poor quality)
Scar Hand
The Faraday Murder Case
Gang Murder
The Toy Factory Murder
The Roller Coaster Murder
High Voltage
The Waterfront Murder
The Devil’s Daughters
The Crusader
Death by Dictation
The Liying Blackmailer
The Denmark Diamond
Bad Time Charlie
Mother Wore Blinders
The Director’s Dilemma
Red Hot Murder
The Chinese Lottery
The Big H Murder
The Beach Murder
The Griffith Park Murder
Deadly Payoff
The Studio Murder

Boston Blackie - TV Series Season One
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