BUS STOP - The TV series - Marilyn Maxwell


Bus Stop aired on ABC from October 1, 1961, until March 25, 1962, starring Marilyn Maxwell as Grace Sherwood, the owner of a bus station and diner in the fictitious town of Sunrise in the Colorado Rockies. The program was adapted from William Inge's play, Bus Stop and later movie which starred Marilyn Monroe. Inge was a script consultant for the series, which followed the lives of travelers passing through the bus station and the diner. Maxwell's co-stars were Richard Anderson as District Attorney Glenn Wagner, Rhodes Reason as Sheriff Will Mayberry, Joan Freeman as waitress Elma Gahrigner, Bernard Kates as Ralph the coroner, and Buddy Ebsen as Virge Blessing.  The quality of this set varies from show to show….about half is 8 and half is slightly below par (about 7.5) but the episode I KISS YOUR SUCCESS is worth the price of admission.

ROOM WITHOUT A KEY - guest Howard Duff

PUT YOUR DREAMS AWAY - guest Gary Merrill

AFTERNOON OF A COWBOY - guest Steve Cochran and Dean Stockwell

ORDEAL OF KEVIN BROOKE - guest Mark Stevens & Patricia Owens


THE LION WALKS AMONG US guest Fabian as an axe-wielding serial killer

SWEET SUCCESS guest James Whitmore

AND THE PURSUIT OF EVIL guest Keenan Wynn and James MacArthur

SUMMER LIGHTNING guests Steve Forrest and Beverly Garland

I KISS YOUR SUCCESS guest Joanne Linville and George Grizzard as guest stars, is a story of a man crushed by the memory of his wife's death in an automobile accident. In his book Danse Macabre, Stephen King nominated this episode as "...the single most frightening story ever done on TV." King wrote that Bus Stop was "...a straight drama show,... This show, however, deviated wildly into the supernatural, and for me, Robert Bloch's adaptation of his own short story "I Kiss Your Shadow" has never been beaten on TV - and rarely any where else - for eerie, mounting horror.

BUS STOP - The TV series - Marilyn Maxwell
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