His role as Tarzan in a 1933 movie serial was the beginning of a long career that lead to over 100 movies. In the 1940's Larry "Buster" Crabbe began a series of westerns that proved to be as popular as any western hero.

SET #1

PRARIE BADMEN - Medicine show proprietor Doc Lattimer (Ed Cassidy) has in his possession a map showing the location of a cache of stolen gold. His son Don (John L. Buster) favors keeping the gold rather than returning it to the express company to which it rightfully belongs, and steals the map, only to find himself menaced by outlaw leader Cal (Charles King) and his gang. STAGECOACH OUTLAWS - Stagecoach Outlaws depicts exactly that, a gang of outlaws robbing a stage line operated by Jed Bowen (Edward Cassidy). When Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe) foils the gang's latest holdup, its leader, Steve Kirby (I. Stanford Jolley), arranges to have the notorious outlaw Matt Brawley (Robert Kortman) sprung from jail. Unfortunately for Kirby, his henchmen instead release Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John), whose stupidity had landed him behind bars. BLAZING FRONTIER - This time, Billy intervenes in a feud between the railroad company and local settlers. Crooked land agents are busily stoking the flames of the feud, and it's up to Billy and Fuzzy to keep things from getting out of hand.

SET #2

HIS BROTHERS GHOST - This western is loaded with laughs in what could have been another departure from the norm is the fact that the comic sidekick is killed off early on. That, of course, is merely a plot contrivance to bring on his identical twin brother, who then goes about scaring the living daylights out of the gang that has been terrorizing Wolf Valley. BUSTER CRABBE WESTERN - Unfortunately this movie does not have a title. A rancher who is about to testify against crooked land handlers is murdered and Fuzzy is accused of being the killer. DEVIL RIDERS - Billy and his saddle pal Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John) try to keep an beleagured stagecoach line in business. This they can do only after foiling the outlaw gang that has been raiding the coach during its runs for the Pony Express.

SET #3

OATH OF VENGEANCE - Larry "Buster" Crabbe, as Billy Carson, and his sidekick Fuzzy (Al St. John) decide to turn in their spurs and instead operate a general store. But our heroes discover when they land in the middle of a range war. DESERT GOLD - Indian chief Maya, played by Buster Crabbe who faithfully guards gold deposits which rightfully belong to his people, Maya finds his hands full fending off the villainous incursions of claim-jumping Chetley Kasedon (Monte Blue) and his gang. GUN BROTHERS - Buster Crabbe and Neville Brand star as brothers Chad and Jubal. While Chad remains on the straight-and-narrow and becomes a rancher, Jubal opts for the life of an outlaw. The siblings manage to keep peace in the family until a jealous Indian maiden (Lita Milan) tells Jubal that Chad has turned stool pigeon. early-1950s

SET #4

GENTLEMAN WITHOUT GUNS - While Fuzzy is waiting for his mail order bride, McCallister frames him for murder. WESTERN CYCLONE - Billy (Buster Crabbe) is framed by an outlaw gang. Fortunately, state governor Arnold (Karl Hackett) is in Billy's corner, and surreptitiously helps SHERIFF OF SAGE VALLEY In this episode of the "Billy the Kid" series of westerns, outlaw Billy (Buster Crabbe) is mistakenly appointed Sage Valley's new sheriff. Unfortunately his crooked twin brother, who runs a casino and is in hiding after a murder, wants to keep the town a haven for crooks.

SET #5

GHOST OF HIDDEN VALLEY - . This time, a young homesteading couple (Jean Carlin, John Meredith) are menaced by a gang of rustlers. The villains are using the couple's spread to hide their stolen livestock, threatening to kill both husband and wife if they tell the authorities. VALLEY OF VENGEANCE - Motivating the plot is the wholesale slaughter of two families by a gang of outlaws. Twenty years later, Billy and Fuzzy, survivors of the massacre, return to the small town where the instigator of the killings resides. FRONTIER OUTLAWS - Billy joins the outlaws for a spell, but that's only so he can trap them in the act. The highlight of Frontier Outlaws is a riotous courtroom sequence, presided over by grizzled judge Emmett Lynn. With such villains as Charles King and Jack Ingrim on hand, not to mention two formidable comedy-relief actors (and be assured that Emmet Lynn and Al St. John indulge in scene-stealing aplenty).

SET #6

RUSTLERS HIDEOUT - our heroes declare war against a gang of cattle rustlers. LIGHTNING RAIDERS - Expecting an important letter, Fuzzy gets suspicious when the mail fails to arrive on time. Billy and Fuzzy soon learn that the mail has been hijacked by bandits, who are holed up in a seemingly impenetrable shack. The brains behind the criminal operation is a "leading citizen" type who hopes to gain a financial leg-up in the community by reading the stolen mail. GANGSTERS DEN - This time, Billy and Fuzzy are partners in a gold mine. Using his earnings, Fuzzy opens a saloon, which unfortunately turns into a safe harbor for every thief and varmint within shouting distance. OUTLAWS OF THE PLAINS - A gang of swindlers led by Nord Finner (Charles King) take advantage of simple-minded Fuzzy Jones (Al St. John) by "advising" him through a "mysterious voice" which he believes is that of a deceased Indian chief. Fuzzy persuades his fellow townsmen to join him in buying worthless property, but Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe) comes trotting onto the scene

SET #7

THE LAWLESS EIGHTIES - a circuit rider endeavors to warn the cavalry after he sees masked men cruelly abusing an Indian band. En route, the brave rider is shot and left to die. FUZZY SETTLES DOWN - In this western, Billy the Kid must convince Fuzzy not to leave the trail. Fuzzy tries anyway and buys a small-town newspaper. It doesn't take him long to find himself accused of embezzling money from his new business. WILD HORSE PHANTOM - a courageous cowboy stops the land-grabbing conspiracy of a corrupt banker. The banker was planning to wait until hard-working local ranchers made their mortgage payments and then was going to stage a phony robbery so he could foreclose upon their land. BILLY THE KID WANTED - This one begins with Billy and Fuzzy being accused of a crime they didn't commit. Together with fellow fugitive Jeff (Dave O'Brien), our heroes seek refuge with a group of sympathetic ranchers. From this vantage point, Billy is able to plan his strategy to expose land-grabber Saunders (Charles King) as the genuine culprit.

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