CAPTAIN AMERICA starring Dick Purcell

1944 Republic serial of Captain America was the first Marval (at that time, Timely) superhero to make it to the screen, with Dick Purcell playing the title role.

Few other serials caused so much dissent as this one. Republic, renowned for taking liberties with the characters of whom the serials were based rejected the original premise of the comic book character and came up with their own ver-sion of prior events, and then went on to make more changes to the character for the serial they produced. Nevertheless, many fans see it as one of Republics most action packed, exciting, and well acted serials that the company ever produced.


In an unidentified city several bizarre suicides have been taking place. Promi-nent scientists and businessmen hear strange voices commanding them to kill themselves. Police find the dead men clutching a jewelled scarab in their hand and the presence of an unknown drug is in their system. Enter Superhero Captain America who battles the evil forces of the arch villain, The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and steals a secret device capable of destroying buildings with sound vibrations. 15 chapters

CAPTAIN AMERICA starring Dick Purcell
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