CAPTAIN Z-RO - Classic TV Collection

Captain Z-RO was children's television show that ran locally on KRON in San Francisco beginning in November 1951, and was later nationally syndicated in the United States, ending its run of original episodes on June 10, 1956. It remained in syndication until 1960. 

Somewhere, in the remote, uncharted regions of the earth, stands the laboratory of Captain Z-ro. In this secret location, known only to a few in the outside world, Captain Z-ro and his associates experiment in Time and Space.  Using his time machine, the ZX-99, Captain Z-RO could both view history and to send someone back in time. Each week, he and his teenage assistant Jet would view an episode in time and inevitably see that some event was unfolding contrary to history. Captain Z-Ro would then send Jet back in time to intervene and ensure that history played out as originally recorded. Over the years, plots involved Z-Ro and Jet rescuing a wide range of historical figures, including Genghis Khan, Marco Polo, Magellan, William the Conqueror, and Daniel Boone. Rare TV Series. Quality rating is 8.5-9.



Christopher Columbus

Daniel Boone

Marco Polo

Benedict Arnold

King John

Ferdinand Magellan

Pony Express

William Tell

Roger the Robot

Attila the Hun

Robin Hood

Washington and Howe

Hernando Cortez

Molly Pitcher

Discovery of Gold


Aztec Papers

Genghis Khan

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Leonard da Vinci

William the Conqueror

Adventure in Space

King Alfred

Captain - Z-RO classic TV series
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