SET #1

BAD MEN OF THE HILLS - Charles Starrett rides again as the Durango Kid. This also stars cowboy star Russell Hayden. This time Durango investigates the murder of a town marshal, in which an innocent man has been implicated. In the course of his investigation, Durango becomes the target of the murderers himself. - SOUTH OF ARIZONA - The star plays rancher Clay Travers, who lives and works in an area plagued by perpetual dust storms. Because the local populace is forced to walk around with handkerchieves covering their faces, a gang of murderous outlaws is able to pull off their skullduggery in broad daylight. TEXAS STAGECOACH - The villain is Dick Curtis, who hopes to gain control of a stagecoach line by forcing the operation into bankruptcy.

SET #2

PARDON MY GUN - a rancher is ambushed, killed, and robbed, but for some reason the killers throw his money pouch in the bushes without opening it. Later a woman happens upon the cash and finds herself a prime suspect in the killing. OUTLAWS IN THE PAN HANDLE The star is cast as Jim Endicott, bound and determined to put an end to the underhanded activities of gin-mill operator Faro Jack Vaughn. The villain's strategy is to get the local cowpunchers tanked up on rotgut that they'll prove to be easy pickings for a gang of rustlers-and will be unable to complete work on a railroad spur which will bypass the outlaws' hideaway. PRARIE RAIDERS - Another great Durango Kid western. Steve Bolton, a Department of the Interior agent, has given young "Bronc" Masters a lease to 50,000 acres of range land. Several months later "Bronc" discovers a strange notice on the land, warning off trespassers. He discovers a gang of men rounding up the wild horses.

SET #3

OUTLAWS OF THE PRAIRIE - Charles Starrett plays two-fisted frontiersman Dart Collins in this slick western. Collins wants to find out who's behind a series of gold-shipment robberies. CYCLONE PRARIE RANGERS - In this western, the good-guy and his trusty side-kick rescue a pretty gal whose father's cows are threatened by villainous rustlers. - DOWN RIO GRANDE WAY - Slightly more elaborate than most Charles Starrett westerns it also stars Russell Hayden. Set in the mid-19th century, when the Republic of Texas was poised to join the Union. Starrett plays Texas Ranger Steve Martin, who is dispatched to a "renegade" Texas country that refuses to become part of the good old USA. SADDLE LEATHER LAW - A syndicate headed by Paul Edwards (Lloyd Bridges) plants to convert a ranch into a swank hotel-gambling operation even if it means murder. Starrett is accused of the murder.

SET #4

WEST OF CHEYENNE - This story involves cattle rustlers with Starrett delivering the goods and more in the fast-gun and fisticuffs department. THE OLD WYOMING TRAIL En route to purchase a herd of cattle, Bob Patterson (Starrett) and his sidekick Sandy get in the way of a scheme to defraud the local ranchers of their possessionsRIDERS OF BLACK RIVER - Former Texas Ranger Wade Patterson (Starrett) returns to his home town, only to find that the territory is in the grip of cattle rustlers.

SET #5

THE THUNDERING WEST - Former outlaw Charles Starrett goes straight and becomes a sheriff. In this capacity, he tries to bring his old partners in crime to justice. SUNDOWN VALLEY - In this wartime western, an evil Nazi and his partner endeavor to sabotage a western gunsight plant. Unfortunately, the tough plant manager has plans of his own and action ensues until the villains are vanquished. - UNNAMED TITLE - Falsely accused of murdering the sheriff, Starrett remains in hiding in an attempt to clear his name. Meanwhile the office of sheriff has been taken over by one of the crooked citizens responsible for the real sheriff?s murder.

SET #6

TWO FISTED SHERIFF - , a lawman tries to help prove that his friend did not commit murder. THE COWBOY STAR - Starrett played Spencer Yorke, a cowboy turned movie star who declines to sign a new contract with Hollywood producer Jack Kingswell. "Retiring" instead to Arizona under the assumed name of George Weston, Yorke arrives in the ghost town of Taylorsville just in time to save real estate proprietress Mary Baker and her kid brother Jimmy from a runaway team. BULLETS FOR RUSTLERS Starrett works side by side with the Cattlemen's Protective Association to flush out a gang of rustlers. The film's highlight is a well-mounted stagecoach chase.

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