CHICK CARTER, DETECTIVE starring Lyle Talbot

CHICK CARTER, DETECTIVE starring Lyle Talbot  -


That dependable sleuth of pulp fiction fame, Nick Carter, apparently had an equally stalwart son. Chick Carter, Boy Detective did his sleuthing on radio before Columbia producer Sam Katzman brought him to the screen in Chick Carter, Detective. The juvenile hero of the radio waves had undergone certain changes in order for grown-up actor Lyle Talbot to portray him. Chick Carter teams with crusading reporter Rusty Farrell to solve the mystery of who stole the Blue Diamond. Chick Carter, Detective was more or less a straightforward crime melodrama that eschewed the usual ray guns, invisibility inventions, and other paraphernalia of the genre. Former MGM starlet Pamela Blake did some snooping of her own as a rival detective, and a gangster bearing the unfortunate name of Nick Polio (George Meeker) indulged in a bit of insurance fraud on behalf of Charles King.

CHICK CARTER, DETECTIVE starring Lyle Talbot
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