CLIMAX! Rare TV Shows

CLIMAX! Nominated for 18 Emmy awards Climax! (later known as Climax Mystery Theater) was a television show that ran on the CBS from 1954 to 1958. An hour-long anthology suspense/mystery /drama, the series was hosted by William Lundigan. Many of the episodes were performed and broadcast live.

These 18 episodes are extremely rare in as much as so many shows were broadcast live and most have been lost forever. Offered in this rare set are a variety of tales-suspense, mystery, horror, drama and yes..even a great comedy starring Red Skelton in one of his early performances in an episode that was so well received it was later made into a full length movie also starring Red Skelton.

AND as an added bonus these episodes all include the original Chrysler commercials. Sit back and enjoy a great look at our past. Due to the rare nature of this series and because most came from old kinescopes some episodes will be below my usual standards of quality. But I feal they should be part of this rare set because they are truly representative of what live TV was all about back in the 50's.

AN ERROR IN CHEMISTRY - Starring Edmond O.Brien A carnvial confidence man journeys to Yoknapatawpha County and mistakenly winds up in the trap he has set for his prey.

THE VOLCANO SEAT - Michael Wilding, This true story involving the crew of an in-air refueling operation for Air Force bombers who take a training team on a dangerous mission.

THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN starring Thomas Mitchell & John Carridine. Huck and Jim once again embark on their adventure-filled trek down the Mississippi .

PUBLIC PIGEON NUMBER ONE Starring Red Skelton & Ann Rutherford. Cafeteria worker Rusty is cheated by stock swindlers and winds up in jail, but the crooks have to break him out in order to recover the loot stashed in Rusty's safety deposit box.

DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE Starring Michael Rennie & Sir Cedrick Hardwicke in the classic Stevenson tale of a scientist whose experiments into the duality of man transform him into the misshapen, murderous Mr. Hyde.

NIGHT OF EXECUTION starring Vincent Price & Nina Foch. A mother watches her cruel and destructive husband continually expose their young son to all kinds of violence. Finally she feels she must take steps to save her son from this sinister influence.

SCREAM SILENCE  starring Anne Francis, Skip Homeier and Sydney Blackmer - A women is desperate because there are 10 terrifying seconds she can not account for. When a man tries to turn back the clock she finds a violence in her past.

FOUR HOURS IN WHITE starring Dan Duryea, Ann Rutherford & Steve Mcqueen - trapped in a crossfire of human emotions, a hospital chief surgeon fights his own conscience to decide the fate of two men. He must weigh the possible sacrifice of one life for another. Drawing on years of experience, he defies the pressures of time and personal fear to face one crucial moment of judgment.

THE LOU GEHRIG STORY starring Wendell Corey, Jean Hagen, Harry Carey & James Gregory - Baseball's "Iron Horse," whose brilliant career was ended by a terminal illness, and who struggled valiantly against adversity.

STRANGE SANCTUARY starring Michael Rennie, Ceasar Romero & Noah Berry Jr - A convict hides in sanctuary in a nuns convent.

JACOB AND THE ANGEL with Gig Young, June Lockhart, Eva Gabor, Otto Kruger & Keye Luke A lawyer finds himself defending a boy charged with murder. He finds later that his own guilty conscience is on trial.

KEEP ME IN MIND starring Johnny Desmond, James Dunn & Jackie Coogan a tale of fear and pursuit in the glamour of 1957 Las Vegas.

TRAIL OF TERROR - starring Robert Preston as a homicide detective and a vengeful woman track a killer in a deadly race against crime and terror as he prowls the city.

TRIAL BY FIRE stars Linda Darnell & Forrest Tucker. Linda Darnell made her TV debut in this drama about a forest fire going out of control.


CASINO ROYALE stars Barry Nelson as James Bond in the very first appearance of box offices longest running franchise.


WILD STALLION stars Paul Henreid, Mary Astor & Richard Long in a story by William Faulkner about a handsome, devil-may-care fortune hunter [from South America] makes his home with a well-to-do Southern family. He is attracted at first to the daughter, until he discovers the mother is the one who holds the key to the family fortune.


A PROMISE TO MURDER stars Louis Hayward & Peter Lorre from a story by Oscar Wilde. At his wealthy aunt's insistence, a rising young London barrister submits to having his palm read. The prophecies come true with alarming accuracy


THE FIFTH WHEEL stars Peter Lorre, Arthur Treacher & James Gleason in a fun story about two sports-minded priests, off for a fishing holiday, become involved with thieves, a stolen car and stolen money!

CLIMAX! Rare TV Shows
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