Starring three-time Emmy winner Bill Cosby, the series focused on Guy Hanks, a brilliant NYPD criminalist who retired from the force after hitting a big lottery jackpot. Instead of settling down and enjoying his free time, he found himself being called in as a consultant on tough-to-crack cases. He used his wits and his knack for forensics to nab the criminals. Though the series was canceled after just one season, it boasted an impressive pedigree. William Link and David Black were the co-creators and executive producers. Along with Cosby, the cast included Tony winners James Naughton and Rita Moreno, Lynn Whitfield and a young Mos Def.




Pilot Episode
The Lottery Winner Murders
Our Lady of Cement
Self Defense
Only You
One Day at a Time
Home Street Home
Fine Art
Expert Witness
Last Tango
Comic Book Mrder
Baker’s Dozen
Hit Parade
Big Brother is Watching
Dial ‘H’ for Murder

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