COURT MARTIAL starring Peter Graves and Bradford Dillman

Court Martial was a crime drama TV series that premiered in 1966.  The series had its genesis in a two-part episode of NBC's Kraft Suspense Theatre which was later re-edited into a 1968 theatrical feature, Sergeant Ryker.  Set during World War II, the series details the investigations of a Judge Advocate General's office who investigate into war crimes. During World War II this crack team from the Judge Advocate General's office investigates crime all over Europe and then proceeds to the court-martial itself.

The series ran for one half a  season, with each episode being 60 minutes. The series was shown on ABC in the United States and won the 1966 British Society of Film and Television (later known as BAFTA) TV award for Best Dramatic Series.  Because of it’s limited run this is an extremely rare DVD set.

Guest stars included Sal Mineo, Anthony Quayle, Donald Sutherland and Dennis Hopper. Many episodes in this set are from original 16 MM master films. Because this set was originally transferred to VHS the quality will vary episode to episode (7.5 to 8) depending on the condition of the master film and the transfer process.

Operation Makeshift (1965)
Silence Is The Enemy 4/8/1966
Taps for the Sergeant 4/15/1966
The House Where He Lived 4/29/1966
Let No Man Speak 5/6/1966
Judge Them Gently 6/3/1966
The Logistics of Survival 5/27/1966
All is a Dream to Me 6/17/1966
Without Spear or Sword 6/24/1966
Retreat From Life 7/1/1966
Let Slip the Dogs of War 7/15/1966
Where There Was No Echo 7/22/1966
The Liberators 8/12/1966
Achilles' Heel 8/26/1966

COURT MARTIAL starring Peter Graves and Bradford Dillman
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