Classic TV Soap Operas - 1950s

Soaps.. drama, romance, mystery. You can purchase this set from Nostalgia Merchant.

Soap operas have been a staple of daytime television in the United States since the early 1950s. This collection will bring back lots of memories. Most of these episodes include the original network commercials. This rare collection includes 27 Episodes in a 6 DVD set. Carefullly reproduced with interactive menus for easy episode selection.


Disc One
Love of Life 1/13/53
The Guiding Light 3/4/53
Love of Life 3/6/53
The Guiding Light 3/25/53
The Guiding Light 4/9/53

Disc Two
Search for Tomorrow 8/19/53
Hawkins Falls 10/21/53
Hawkins Falls 10/23/53
Valiant Lady 12/8/53
Love of Life 2/8/5

Disc Three
Brighter Day 5/14/55
Love of Life 12.22.55
Valiant Lady 1955
Inner Flame 1955
Brighter Day 1955

Disc Four
Search for Tomorrow 1/26/50
Edge of Night 8/15/60
Love of Life 8/22/60
As The World Turns 8/22/60

Disc Five
Search for Tomorrow 9/5/60
As The World Turns 3/31/61
As The World Turns 4/18/61
The Secret Storm 4/20/61

Disc Six
Search for Tomorrow 3/29/62
Search for Tomorrow 1/7/63
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
Search for Tomorrow 3/27/53

Classic TV Soaps - Nostalgia Merchant presents classic soaps from the early 1950s
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