Howard Duff stars in this short-lived 1960-61 TV series, as Willie Dante, the owner of a San Francisco nightclub with a shady history. Neither the cops nor the bad guys really believe he's done with the underworld, which causes all sorts of dilemmas. This is a really fun series. All 26 half-hour episodes are in is 6-DVD-R box set. Guest stars include Ruta Lee, Allison Hayes, Dick Foran, Charles McGraw, Karen Steele, Edward Platt, Patricia Medina, William Schallert, Ann Robinson, Jacqueline Scott, Adele Mara, and others. Excellent Quality. Old time radio fans will remember Howard Duff starred as Sam Spade, Detective.


Disc 1
The Jolly Roger
High Lady, Dark Room
A Punch for Judy
Pick a Peck of Diamonds


Disc 2
Dante in the Dark
The Unclean Green
Around a Dark Corner
Wine, Women and Willie
The Misfortune Cookie

Disc 3
Feline Traveller
The Bavarian Barbarians
Friendly Assassin
Dial D for Dante
Opening Night

Disc 4
Dante’s Fickle Fickle Fate
Dante’s Dilemma
Don’t Come On’a My House
Dante With a Badge

Disc 5
My Pal, The Bullseye
Not As a Canary
Aces and Eights
The Devil to Pay

Disc 6
Dante Rides Again
The Sesame Key
For the Birds
San Quentin Quill

DANTE starring Howard Duff
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