DEATH VALLEY DAYS - Seasons 7 and 8

Restored from archival elements, this box set contains the complete seventh and eight season. A total of 14 DVDs in this box set! Join The Old Ranger as he narrates great tales of wild west adventures that took place in or near Death Valley. We will list episode titles shortly. The quality is excellent.




Disc 1
Head of the House
The Capture
Ship of No Return
The Moving Out of Minnie
The Red Flannel Shirt
Big Liz

Disc 2
Thorn of the Rose
The Jackass Mail
Perilous Cargo
The Gambler and the Lady
Quong Kee
Old Gabe

Disc 3
The Gunsmith
A Piano Goes West
A Bullet for the Captain
A Town is Born
Sailor on a Horse
Gold Lake

Disc 4
Wheelbarrow Johnny
Stagecoach Spy
Eruption Volcano
Price of a Passport
Pioneer Circus
The Invaders

Disc 5
The Blond King
The Newspaper That Went to Jail
Old Blue
Perilous Refuge
The Talking Wire
Rx: Slow Death

Disc 6
Half a Loaf
Valley of Danger
Forty Steps to glory

Bonus Episodes
Little Washington
The Wind at Your Back


Disc 1
Gates-Ajar Morgan
Sam Kee and Uncle Sam
The Grand duke
Fair Exchange
The Scapel and the Gun
Indian Emily

Disc 2
Hang ‘Em High
Tribal Justice
The Little Trooper
Ten Feet of Nothing
Lady of the Press
The Reluctant Gun
His Brother’s Keeper

Disc 3
The Devil’s Due
Money to Burn
Dogs of the Mist
The Wedding Dress
Shadow on the Window
The Battle of Mokelumne

Disc 4
The Strangers
Goodbye 500 Pesos
Forbidden Wedding
One Man Tank
Man on the Road
The Man Who Hated Everyone

Disc 5
The General Who Disapproved
Million Dollar Pants
Pirates of San Francisco
A Woman’s Rights
Eagle in the Rocks
Cap’n Pegleg

Disc 6
Emma is Coming
Human Sacrifice
Pete Kitchen’s Wedding Night
Mission to the Mountains
The Great Lounsberry Scoop
Somewhere in the Vultures

Death Valley Days - Seasons Seven and Eights
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