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DECEMER BRIDE starring Spring Byington & Harry Morgan

December Bride which began in 1954 and ran for four seasons centered around the adventures of Lily Ruskin, a spry widow who was not in fact a "December bride" but very much desired to become one, if the right man would come along. Aiding Lily in her search for this prospective suitor were her daughter, Ruth Henshaw, played by Frances Rafferty and her son-in-law Matt Henshaw, portrayed by Dean Miller, and her close friend and peer, Hilda Crocker, the role of character actress Verna Felton. A next door neighbor, Pete Porter, played by Harry Morgan, was frequently seen. Married miserably himself, according to his constant complaints about his unseen wife, Gladys, he also envied Matt's positive relationship with Lily, as he despised his own mother-in-law.

December Bride was sufficiently popular that even after its production had ceased, CBS used repeat episodes to fill slots in its prime time programming. The Pete Porter character became so popular that he and Gladys were spun off into their own series, Pete and Gladys, shortly after the end the broadcast of first-run episodes of December Bride. Also available from Nostalgia Merchant.

Disc One
Lilly Ruskin Arrives
Lily is Bored
Matt's Mustache

Disc Two
The Lineup
The Shoplifter
Family Quarrel
High Sierras

Disc Three
The Trailer
Matt's Movie Career
The Jaywalker
Beauty Pageant

Disc Four
The Budget
Study Group
The Piano
The Golf Lesson

Disc Five
The Parrot
Aunt Emily
The Alaska Show

Disc Six
The Brides Father-In-Law
The Nurse is Fired
Stand Loses His Nerve

December Bride - Classic TV Shows
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