DICK CLARK MEMORIES OF AMERICAN BANDSTAND From 1956 to 1989 THE AMERICAN BANDSTAND was televisions most famous music shows. Hosted by Dick Clark the shows featured some of the greatest names in music history. Here are two full length specials celebrating the 40th and 50th anniversary

DICK CLARK’S 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF AMERICAN BANDSTAND - On February 4, 1977 Dick Clark celebrated the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest dance shows in television history featuring some of the stars of the music world who produced the songs and music of that 25 year period. 

DICK CLARK’S AMERICAN BANDSTAND 33 1/3 CELEBRATION - On December 1, 1985, Dick Clark was joined by more that fifty of the biggest names in the music world in this three hour special as he celebrates 33 and a third years of America's longest-running and most popular teenage dance show.  Great performances by some of the greatest names in music

DICK CLARK’S AMEICAN BANDSTAND AT 50 - This special two hour program celebrated a milestone in musical history….the 50th anniversary of the show that taught America to dance.  It features some of musics all gime greats and was highlighted by a spectacular performance by Michael Jackson, one of the major guests who appeared on this special broadcast.

DICK CLARK’S  GOOD OL’ DAYS PART #2 1978 - In 1978 Dick Clark took a look back at the years 1955 to 1965 - This show was a true celebration of all those great memories as it covered the great news events of that great 10 year span, the sports heros, the great comics and of course….the music that started a whole new generation on the road to “rock and roll”. 

DICK CLARK’S GOLD OL’ DAYS PART #1 - 1977 - From Hula Hoops to Camelot……the 50‘s and 60‘s were the Good Ol‘ Days.  Join Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello as they are joined legends in music, comedy, sports and TV sitcomsLaugh with some of the classic comedians of the era and join sports heros like Mickey Mantle and even O.J. Simpson, 

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