SET #1
CARSON CITY CYCLONE -  After an argument with his judge/banker father (Noah Beery), Barry finds himself the Number One suspect when his dad is murdered. .

DAYS OF OLD CHEYENNE -  Don "Red" Barry stars as Clint Ross, whose skill at fisticuffs earns him the town marshal's job. Thanks to the string-pulling of political boss Big Bill Harmon (William Haade), Ross makes it all the way up to the governor's office. But when Ross figures out that Big Bill is a Big Crook, it's showdown time.

TWO GUN SHERIFF - A petty criminal, The Sundown Kid (Barry number one), is persuaded by a gang of rustlers to change places with his lookalike brother, Bruce McKinnon, the town sheriff.

SET #2
CANYON CITY - a pugnacious cowboy tries to prevent a city-slicker from conning the local ranchers and the utility company. The hero is soon accused of the murder. Now he must escape and bring justice to the real killer.

 DEATH VALLEY OUTLAWS -  a cowboy saves lovely Carolyn Johnson from a gang of vigilante raiders. When his friend, Bill Weston  becomes the next target of the vigilante gang, Jim promises the dying boy to avenge him.  

ARIZONA TERRORS - Barry poses as an outlaw, the better to cross six-guns with evil land baron Reed Hadley.

SET #3
THE SUNDOWN KID - Barry as a Pinkerton agent masquerading as a criminal in order to infiltrate a gang of counterfeiters that is using wealthy widow Lucy Randall (Helen MacKellar) as a front.

WYOMING WILDCAT - potent story of a war veteran returning home to find that his father is now a wanted outlaw.

version of the classic Stagecoach (1939). Once again a group of passengers fight among themselves as their mode of transportation -- a train en route from Albuquerque, NM, to Tombstone, AZ, this time -- is attacked by warring Indians.

SET #4
FRONTIER VENGEANCE - , a cowpoke is framed for the murder of his best friend. Interspersed between the main plot are subplots involving a feud between competing stage lines, and the hero's love affair with a female stage driver.

The film's villain, a murderous mine-jumper killed the father of hero Bob Millbourne (Barry). Growing up to become a lawyer, Bob tries to use legal methods to catch the bad guys.

THE PHANTOM COWBOY - Barry plays a ranch hand named Lawrence, one of several heirs to the estate of a wealthy landowner. Resenting the presence of the other heirs, villains Borden (Milburn Stone) and Jeffers (Rex Lease) scheme to rid the world of their competition,

SET #5
DEAD MANS GULTCH - When the Pony Express disbands, riders Tennessee and Johnny head for Adobe Wells. Tennessee becomes the Deputy Marshal while Johnny joins an outlaw gang. It's not long before Tennessee catches Johny attempting murder. FUGITIVE FROM SONORA - a paroled desperado and his twin, a preacher, wander about the Old West to bring "salvation." The parson begins trying to help a gang leader's niece whose uncle has been forcing parolees to join him or return to prison. ONE MANS LAW
a Chicago slicker begins grabbing land and using it to scam city dwellers by selling it first to locals, and then, once it is developed by selling it again to city folk desiring to come West.

SET #6
THE CYCLONE KID - John James plays Dr. Dawson, a young phsyician who tries to rally the local settlers against the despotic cattle barons. Alas, the good doctor finds himself pitted against his own brother Johnny (Don "Red" Barry), who'd sent him through medical school. GUNFIRE  - A Frank James look-alike cavorts, robs and loots the countryside until the real James decides to set things straight - OUTLAWS OF SANTA FE - Barry plays a reformed bank robber named Bob Hackett, who starts life anew as Bob Conroy. This he does to track down the no-good, dirty skunk who murdered his father.

SET #7
THE OUTLAW GANG - a lawman looks into a series of murders involving ranchers. A war between Indians and the local land and water companies ensues. Fortunately, justice prevails, and the peace is restored. -

JESSE JAMES WOMEN - There were four women in Jesse's life. One a saloonkeeper, the second a singer Delta, the third a  prim banker's daughter and the fourth was cattle baroness.

THE SOMBRERO KID - A well-acted, well-paced entry in the Don "Red" Barry Western series.  Barry as Jerry Holden, the apparent son and heir of veteran lawman Tom Holden. But when Holden Sr. is killed by one of Banker Martin's gang of claim jumpers, Jerry learns that his real father was Bart Clanton, a notorious bandit killed by Marshal Holden

SET #8
THE APACHE KID - Barry plays Pete Dawson, a pugnacious cowboy who dons a mask and becomes a stagecoach robber. It's all in a good cause, however: Dawson is stealing from the town boss who has ripped off a group of miners.  

DESERT BANDIT - Barry is cast as two-fisted Texas Ranger Bob Crandall, who after being dishonorably discharged heads to the Mexican border to start life anew. He falls in with a gang of gun runners.

OUTLAWS OF PINE RIDGE -  Director William Witney puts his distinctive stamp on this western by opening the picture with a body sailing through the plate-glass window of a frontier saloon. Barry stars as gun-slingin' Chips Barrett, who makes it his mission in life to prevent the inaccurately nicknamed Honest John Hollister (Noah Beery Sr.) from becoming territorial governor.

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