Doug Henning, who has died aged 52, was the most successful magician of his generation. He performed his magic on Broadway, in his own television specials and in countless nightclubs. Doug Henning's magic was several notches above the pull-the-rabbit-from-the-hat variety. He had studied psychology and worked with master magicians to become what he hoped was the thinking man's magician. He was an entertainer first, his shtick the moustachioed hippie in psychedelic clothes. 

Taken direct off Beta recordings these first generation copies offer maximum picture and sound quality…..excellent rating of 8 to 8.5 out of 10.


Houdini was one of his heroes. In his first television special on December 26th, 1975, Doug Henning recreated Houdini's Water Torture Escape trick before a live audience, so that the home audience would know he wasn't using trick photography. That show was seen by 50 million people, many more than ever saw Harry Houdini in his lifetime.  On this same broadcast Gene Kelly acted as Master of Ceremony and Bill Cosby also appeared as a guest. 

1975 Television Special
Fickle Nickel
Juke Box Production (Bill Cosby)
Dove Catching
Parrot Production
Vanishing Birdcage
Production of Owl
Card in Cigarette
Torn and Restored Cigarette
Cut and Restored Rope (running gag)
Shadow Box (Julie Newmar)
Cutting in Thirds (Okito Table)
Sands of Egypt
Torn and Restored Newspaper
Dekolta Chair
Things that Go Bump in the Night
Water Torture Cell

Costarring Glen Campbell Sandy Duncan watch in Awe asGlen Campbell Hosts this Thrid Great Magic Special by Master Magician Doug Henning!Doug's Incredible Motorcycle Transposition The First Time Ever Seen on National Television!

Doug performs Close up seated on a Giant Glass Stage Manipulation Exercises Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper Haunted Deck Cut and Restored Silk Handkerchief Coins Across - Which Doug made his own and became a Signature Effect for him.

The MAGIC of Childhood which features Sandy Duncan as the Living Doll - Includes the Dancing Broom, Motley Girl Illusion, Double Dancing Handkerchiefs (Another Signature Piece) , Giant Slide of Life, Stuffed Animal Deer to Real Live Deer ala Lady to Lion Illusion in Miniature, Upright Shrinker, Mini Toy Block Transposition Illusion, Big Puppets - A Farmer & Witch Style Growing Illusion.

Doug's Version of the Artists Dream Illusion Color Changing Handkerchief with Glen Campbell and the  Suspension Illusion with Sandy Duncan are must sees.  And finally DOUG HENNING WALK THROUGH A SOLID BRICK WALL! which is Doug's Version of the Houdini Illusion of the same name. (this trick preceded the David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China by several years) .

This is a Great Romp through the Good Old Days when Magic Came Alive before our eyes and became Mainstream King Once Again! Relive it Now. auction.

Vanishing Motorcycle
Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
Haunted Deck
Cut and Restored Silk
Coins Across
Han Ping Chien
Dancing Mop Handle
Stack of Boxes (Sandy Duncan)
Dancing Handkerchiefs
Shrinking Sandy Duncan (Giant Genie Tube)
Deer Production
Shrinking Doug Henning (shrinking box with deceptive steps)
Transposition Illusion with shrunken Doug
Growing Puppets
Artist's Dream (production of clay, which is transformed into sculpture of a rabbit, and further transformed into a live rabbit, followed by instant costume change for Doug)
Color Changing Hankie
Sword Suspension
Walking through a Brick Wall
Botania (with real flowers)


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