Death Valley Days - Season Five and Six

Restored from archival elements, we are happy to make available Season 5 and 6 of Death Valley Days. Based on western stories and legends, Death Valley Days was one of the longest-running Western series. Death Valley Days originated on radio in the 1930s. The continuing sponsor was “20 Mule Team” Borax, a product mined in Death Valley. The show was hosted by “The Old Ranger,” Stanley Andrews. You will absolutely love these rare episodes and the quality is excellent.




Faro Bill’s Layout

The Bear Flag

Pat Garrets Side of It

The Hidden Treasure of Cucamonga


The Rose of Rhyolite

The Last Letter

Year of Destiny

Mercer Girl

California’s Paul Revere

The Trial of Red Haskell

The Washington Elm

The Rosebush of Tombstone

The Luck of the Irish

Lady Engineer

Train of Events

The Man Who Was Never Licked

Gold Rush

Camel Train

California’s First Schoolmarm

Arsenic Springs

Fifty Years A Mystery

Fifteen Paces to Fame

The Calico Dog

Rough and Ready

The Last Bad Man

The Greatest Scout of All


Birth of a Boom

Yankee Pirate

Ten in Texas

Auto Intoxication


Two Gun Nan

Cockeyed Charlie Parkhurst

The Great Amulet

The Telescope Eye


The Mystery of Suicide Gulch

The Big Rendezvous

The Girl Who Walked With a Giant

Jerkline Jitters

Death Valley Days - Season Five and Six
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