EVERGLADES - Police Action in Florida Everglades


A rare classic tv show with plenty of crime, adventure and action themes. This was aired on the 9th of October 1961 until the 26th of June 1962. It follows the story about Lincoln Vail portrayed by Ron Hayes, who works as a County Police Patroling the Everglades in Florida finding the solutions on his handled cases in the swampy wilderness in his high powered airboat chasing bad guys and rescuing people. In some ways you might say is was a forerunner of CSI MIAMI without all of the high tech equipment provided to solve todays crimes. This is a very rare series  I don't have a list of individual titles and found it impossible to locate any titles anywhere on the internet. In fact it is one series that is just plain impossible to locate any information on which makes it very unique. This set consists of 20 action packed shows. A real collectors gem. Very good quality, 20 Episodes - 5 DVD-R Set.


Disc 1

Parolee's Revenge

Photographic Smuggler

Clay Island Murder

Lying Lie Detector


Disc 2

The Hostage

Black Honeymoon

Curtain for Kocomo

Keene's Choice


Disc 3

The Experts

Good Boy

The Brand

Force Ten


Disc 4

Final Hours

Killer in Calico

Unwanted, Dead or Alive

The Hideout


Disc 5

The Rookie

Four Day Weekend

Appointment With Death

The Expedition

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