FARMER'S DAUGHTER - Starring Inger Stevens

The Farmer's Daughter starred Inger Stevens as Katy Holstrum, a young Minnesota woman who becomes the housekeeper for widowed Congressman Glen Morley (played by William Window). glen also had two sons, Steve, age 14, played by Mickey Sholdar, and Danny, age 8, played by Rory O'Brien. Cathleen Nesbitt played the Congressman's mother, Agatha Morley. It aired on ABC from September 20, 1963 to April 22, 1966. This collection includes rare episodes salvaged from damaged and poor quality prints. We have worked hundred of hours to clean up the audio tracks of these episodes so you can enjoy them again. You get 16 DVDs in this collection.
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Disc 1
"The Speechmaker"
"The Speechmaker" Pt. 2
"An Enterprising Young Man"

"An Affair of State"

Disc 2
"Miss Cheese"
"The Editorial Wheel"
"I Am The Most Beautiful"
"One Rainy NIght"

Disc 3
"The Simple Life"
"The Gypsy Love Song"
"Mrs. Golden's Opportunity"
"Marriage is For Real People

Disc 4
"Katy and The Imagemaker"
"The Playboy of Capitol Hill"
"Bless Our Happy Home"
"Katy and the Prince"

Disc 5
"The Swinger"
"Christopher Columbus, Who?"
"The One Eyed Sloth"
"Young And In Love"

Disc 6
"The Octopus"
"Rendezvous For Two"
"My Son, The Athlete"
"Mismatch Maker"

Disc 7
"A Locket For Agatha"
"Love On The Picket Line"
"Help Not Wanted"
"Big Sultan, Little Sultan"

Disc 8
"The Neutral"
"A Matter of Honor"
"The Helping Hand"
"Like Father, Like Son"

Disc 9
"Another Country Heard From"
"Follow The Leader"
"The Nesting Instinct"
"Katy By Moonlight"

Disc 10
"Exit Katy"
"Rich Man, Poor Man"
"Crime of Passion"
"Why Don't They Ever Pick Me?"

Disc 11
"Katy's New Job"
"Katy's Campaign"
"The Woman Behind the Man"
"Katy The Diplomat"

Disc 12
"Katy's Castle"
"Never Listen to Rumors"
"Ja, Ja, a Thousand Times, Ja"
"Nej, Nej, a Thousand Times, Nej"

Disc 13
"The Hottest Ticket in Town"
"Stag At Bay"
"Sleeping Beauty Revisited"
"Forever is a Cast Iron Mess"

Disc 14
"Powder Puff Invasion"
"To Have And To Hold"
"Crisis at Crystal Springs"
"A Sonny Honeymoon"

Disc 15
"High Fashion"
"The Platinum Swizzle Stick"
"Steve, Boy Lovelorn"
"Jewel Beyond Compare"

Disc 16
"Katy In A Capsule"
"Alias Katy Morley"
"Anyone For Swindling?"
"Is He or Isn't He?

Farmer's Daughter, Classic TV Shows
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