GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE - Ronald Reagan - Volume 2

GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE - Ronald Reagan - Volume 2

The television version of the program, produced by MCA-TV/Revue, was broadcast every Sunday evening at 9:00pm, EST, beginning February 1, 1953 and ending May 27, 1962. Each of the television episodes was an adaptation of a novel, short story, play, film, or magazine fiction.

On September 26, 1954, Ronald Reagan debuted as the only host of the program. GE added a host to provide continuity in the anthology format. After four months, the show reached the Top Ten in the Nielsen ratings.

The show made the already well-known Reagan, who had appeared in many films as a "second lead" throughout his career, wealthy, due to his part ownership of the show. After eight years as host, Reagan estimated he had visited 135 GE research and manufacturing facilities, and met over a quarter-million people. During that time he would also speak at other forums such as Rotary clubs and Moose lodges, presenting views on economic progress that in form and content were often similar to what he said in introductions, segues and closing comments on the show as a spokesman for GE. Reagan, who would later be known as "The Great Communicator" because of his oratorical prowess, often credited these engagements as helping him develop his public speaking abilities.

SET #2 (25 SHOWS) - It’s another big line up of stars including a rare appearance by both Bud Abbott & Lou Costello in two single performances, James Stewart,  Joan Fontaine, Bette Davis, William Bendix, Joseph Cotton, Harpo and Chico Marx and yes, Ronald Reagan.

EMERGENCY CALL starring Vera Miles
WINDMILL starring James Stewart, Joanne Dru and Edgar Burchanna
SUMMER PROMISE starring Joan Fontaine
HIGH GREEN WALL starring Joseph Cotton and Thomas Gomez
THE INCRIDBLE JEWEL ROBBERY starring Harpo and Chico Marx
GO FIGHT CITY HALL staring Irene Dunn
GRADUATION DRESS starring Hugh O’Brien and Buddy Ebsen
LITTLE WHITE LYE staring Dorothy Malone
COLD TOUCH starring Bette Davis
JOURNAL OF HOPE starring Leslie Neilsen and Jeanne Crain
MY DARK DAYS starring Ronald Reagan
ESTERBAN’S LEGACY starring Ricardo Montalban
THE STONE starring Tony Curtis
POT OF GOLD starring Jessicfa Tandy and Hume Cronyn
THE JOKE’S ON ME - starring Lee Marvin & Bud Abbott
BLAZE OF GLORY starring Lou Costello
NORA starring Leslie Neilsen and Vera Miles
ROAD TO EDINBURGH starring Joan Crawford
WE’RE HOLDING YOUR SON starring William Bendix
THE HAT WITH ROSES starring Gisele MacKenzie
THE LAST RODEO starring Robert Horton and Nancy Olson
ADAM’S APPLE starring George Chandler
TOO GOOD WITH A GUN starring Robert Cummings
RETURN OF GENTLEMAN JIM starring George Montgomery & Joe Louis


GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE - Ronald Reagan - Volume 2
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