GRAND JURY starring Lyle Bettger and Harold Stone

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A grand jury is a formal institution of advanced legal systems. In the United States, the grand jury was formally established through the creation of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. At its roots, the grand jury is supposed to function like a body of neighbors to help the state and society by bringing criminals to justice, while at the same time, protecting the innocent from unjust accusations. 

In this TV series from the late 50’s the Grand Jury investigators investigate a car collision racket that pries on insurance companies, an arson gang, a crooked politician, a woman who has disappeared,  a water pollution crime, a psychopath in the loose, a mysterious death and other assorted crimes.  This is one of those rare TV series that because it only ran a single season has long been forgotten.   A solid cast makes for a most unusual TV series. This great rare 36 set of half hour adventure dramas are taken fro 16 MM prints

GRAND JURY starring Lyle Bettger and Harold Stone
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