More rare old mystery TV shows some still contain the origiginal network commercials. The quality of this set is excellent.

PHILLIP MARLOWE, DETECTIVE-? In MURDER IS A GRAVE AFFAIR Phillip Carey stars as the famous detective with guest star Jack Weston. The death of a star-struck in Hollywood leads to murder in the movie community and Marlowe must solve the crime.

RICHARD DIAMOND - Once again David Janessen as Richard Diamond in PICTURE OF FEAR. What starts out as a relaxing fishing trip up in the woods becomes a new adventure when he meets a beautiful woman and two mysterious hunters in search of a roll of film.

THE VISITOR - Charles Bronson stars in a story much like THE WHISTLER. In this episode The Visitor visits a quiet normal community where a woman and her daughter find themselves facing tragedy and danger when a stranger comes to knock at the door.

GANG BUSTERS - In THE CASE OF WILLIE ?THE ACTOR? SUTTON police investigate a $150,000 jewelry robbery and have to find ?the man no jail could hold?. This episode includes the original network commercials.

MR DISTRICT ATTORNEY - REHEARSED ROBBERIES is the name of this episode starring David Brian as the DA who is confronted with a gang of bank robbers who carry out their robberies with complete precision.

THE THIRD MAN - Michael Rennie stars as Harry Lime (the character made famous by Orsen Welles in the movie of the same name). Harry is offered $250,000 to finance a real estate deal that could lead to murder.

BULLDOG DRUMMOND - The pilot episode hosted by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. based on the popular movie series the episode is titled THE LUDLOW AFFAIR. Drummond meets a mysterious woman who calls on him for help find her husband who has been kidnapped. In the meantime Drummond faces a death threat himself.

BOSTON BLACKIE - Blackie finds more adventure when he and his girlfriend visit a horse ranch and find a man murdered on the track.

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