Here are 8 more rare looks at how TV transfered old radio shows to the little screen. Many of these rare looks at early TV even include the original commercials.

ELLERY QUEEN ? A very rare find starring Lee Bowman as Ellery Queen. When he is invited to the home of a famous maestro Queen becomes involved in the mysterious murder of the man?s invalid wife. A very rare episode as most of this series has been lost because they were performed live?this even includes Kaiser-Frazer commercials.

BOSTON BLACKIE ? One of the best quality episodes of this series we have been able to locate. Blackie comes to the aid of an old friend who is an ex-con. Lots of action as was the case in all episodes of this famous old TV series. <

DRAGNET ? Martin (Route 66) Miller makes a guest appearance in ?THE BIG PRODUCER? when Friday and partner Frank Smith are called in to a case about indecent literature getting into the hands of youths. This even includes the original cigarette commercials.

PUBLIC DEFENDER ? Reed Hadley stars as the attorney who defends destitute individuals charged with a crime. A man, a one time famous film director, is accused of assault and robbery as a result of an argument.

THE SHADOW ? A young woman is found murdered in THE CASE OF THE COTTON KIMONA. Only THE SHADOW can solve the mystery.

THE WHISTLER ? John Howard stars in this strange tale from The Whistler. A man in a sanitarium finds himself involved in a complicated web of mystery. He comes to the hospital for a much needed rest but gets anything but rest.

SUSPENSE ? The first tale of Suspense stars Walter Mathau and Jayne Meadows in F.O.B. VIENNA. When an American engineer visits Vienna on business he gets involved in mystery. This episode includes original commercials.

SUSPENSE - The second tale of suspense stars James Whitmore and Vic Morrow in a tense story of race cars and intrigue. Suspense with the usual twists.

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