HONG KONG starring Rod Raylor

Hong Kong is a 26-episode adventure/drama series which aired on ABC television during the 1960-61 season and helped to catapult Australian actor Rod Taylor into a major film star, primarily in the 1960s, beginning with his role in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

Hong Kong was set in the then British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Taylor portrayed Glenn Evans, an American journalist who worked in the exotic Far Eastern city. His search for stories led him into encounters with smugglers, murderers, drug peddlers, and mysterious women who disappear behind beaded curtains.  Taylor’s principal costar was Lloyd Bochner, who portrayed Chief Inspector Neil Campbell.

Hong Kong was loosely based on the film Soldier of Fortune, which had Michael Rennie in the Lloyd Bochner role and Jack Kruschen as Tully. The series premiered on Wednesday September 28, 1960, and ceased new episodes on March 29, 1961. 

While the overall quality of this 19 show set is good quality (averages an 8) there are 4 shows that fall below this rating (about a 7 to 7.5).   We feel that due to the rare nature of this series it will be more than acceptable.

Blind Justice
Clear for Action
Pearl Flower
The Jade Empress
The Jumping Dragon
Blind Bargain
The Turncoat
Nine Lives
The Dragon Cup
Suitable for Framing
The Survivor
Night Cry
Double Jeopardy
With Deadly Sorrow
Murder by Proxy
The Woman in Gray
Love, Honnor, and Perish
The Innocent Exile
The Runaway

HONG KONG starring Rod Raylor
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