The syndicated show was in production from 1957 thru 1959. This is an extremely rare set.

Based on the play and later movie of the same name, How to Marry a Millionaire is a romantic comedy series made by 20th Century Fox. It premiered on the 5th of November 1953. The story starts with a group of three gorgeous ladies in renting a luxurious penthouse, namely Schatze Page, spunky Loco Dempsey and ditsy Pola Devoise. The 3 girls are searching for millionaires to marry.

It was an early series for Barbara Eden before she became the Genie in the bottle. Barbara Eden, as Loco, was very funny and a bit daffy, and Mike, played by Merry Anders, seemed like the one in charge when little disagreements arose, Greta was very pretty, soft-spoken, and very likable.

This was a show that anyone could watch. Nothing offensive back in those days. If you liked the movie "How to Marry a Millionaire", then you'd like this series. It is another long lost series from the 1950s that is perfect fun for the entire family. Excellent Quality. Complete Series.

EPISODE TITLES: Season One and Two


The Penthouse
Subletting the Apartment
The Three Pretenders
To Hock or Not to Hock
It's a Dog's Life
The Cruise
The Brat
Loco the Heiress
Alias the Secretary
The Sea Island Story
Society Mother
Tom, Dick, and Harry
Good Time Charlie
The Bird Man
The Fourth Girl
For the Love of Art
The Playwright
Youth for the Asking
Loco Leaves Home
The Maid
Prince Kaudim Story
The Yachting Party
The Utterly Perfect Man
Loco and the Cowboy
Loco vs Walll Street
A Call to Arms
For the Love of Mink
Operation Greta
Loco Goes to Night School
A Job for Jesse
A Day in Court
A Man for Mike
The Truthivac
The New Lease
Situation Wanted
Loco and the Gambler
The Big Order
The Shortstop
Greta’s Big Chance

Cherchez la Roomate
What’s Cookin’ With Loco
Guest With a Gun
Hit and Run
Three Stacked Stockholders
Gwen’s Secret
Loco, the Teenager
The Seal Who came to Dinner
The Method
The Golf Tournament
The Comic
A Husband for Julia
Love on Approval

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