HUDSON'S BAY starring Barry Nelson - Classic TV Series

28 episodes of this RARE Adventure series from 1959-1960 starring Barry Nelson

This was an action packed series depicting the rough and tumble fur-trading days of what would one day become Canada, through the eyes of the Hudson's Bay Company. Stories of aboriginals, English, French and Metis trappers, voyageurs and coureurs du bois, as well as those in the employ of the legendary "company."

The series, featuring Barry Nelson and George Tobias zromping through the snow, was short-lived in its first run, but lived on in reruns for a long time where it had its best days. A host of Canadian actors filled out the of the cast, with the harsh, but gorgeous Canadian wilderness being the biggest star of the series.

McLeon’s Witch
New Man At Wolf House
Blue Eyed Squaw
The Duel
Mysterious Journey
Bitter Bullet
Drummer Boy
The Duelists
The Fever
Hamlet’s Mystery
Bosom Buddies
The Law
Battle Of Mississippi (Pilot)
Bond Woman
Lady Guide
Indian Girl Witness
Missing Factor
Firing Squad
Voice Of The Wilderness
Jury Of His Peers
Five Against Sunrise
Eye For An Eye
The Coward
Black Barrier

Episodes in this collection come from the original film print transfers and are only as good as the condition of the original old film. Average quality is a very good to excellent 8 to 8.5

HUDSON'S BAY starring Barry Nelson - Classic TV Series
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