IT’S THE BICKERSONS the Television Series

This is a true collectors great “find”.  One of those classic’s from early TV shows that many had thought was lost forever. The Bickersons was a radio comedy sketch series that began in 1946 on NBC, moving the following year to CBS where it continued until 1951. In the late 40’s Francis Langford was joined by Lew Parker (later familiar as That Girl's harried, slightly overbearing father Lew Marie) as the BICKERSONS moved to TV in a series of comical skits.   In 1951 the role of Blanche was taken over by Virginia Grey.

Blanche... is one of the monstrous shrews of all time. She makes her husband... take two jobs, a total of 16 working hours, in order to bring in more money which she squanders on minks and the stock market. Meanwhile, he can't afford a new pair of shoes and goes around with his feet painted black. In the few hours he has to sleep, she heckles him all night with the accusation that he doesn't love her. Her aim appears to be to drive her husband crazy and she succeeds very nicely. The harassed John's only weapon is insult, at which he's pretty good.

The Bickersons seemed to have no business being married at all, but they proved the prototype for such battling comic couples as Ralph and Alice Kramden of The Honeymooners (surely, Jackie Gleason, who admired the show, owed a debt to The Bickersons as a partial model for blustery Ralph and acid Alice.

This very rare set features 3 of the great comedy skits played by Francis Langford (who originated the role on TV) and Lew Parker and is followed by three of the original TV sitcoms starring Lew Parker and Virginia Grey.   The quality if this set is truly outstanding….rates a good 8.5 to 9 which may surprise many considering the age of the material.   This is a rare chance to view a series that was later the inspiration for THE HONEYMOONERS.   Great fun on a special 2 disc set.

IT’S THE BICKERSONS the Television Series
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