This is a unique set in that it was originally acquired from a relative of Jack Benny?s who had these 12 TV specials stored on a shelf and they came from the TV original masters. Quality is outstanding and this is possibly the most rare set I will ever have the pleasure of offering. For Jack Benny fans these 12 shows are going to be a real collectors item. In fact the 1964 JACK BENNY IN AUSTRALIA was never even shown in the United States.

Set #1
The Jack Benny Hour( Nov 3,1965) Bob Hope, the Beach Boys, Elke Sommer,alt Disney (COLOR)

The Jack Benny Hour (Dec 1,1966) Phyllis Diller, Trini Lopez, Smothers Brothers)

Set #2
Carnival Nights (March 20,1968) Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, George Burns, Smothers Brothers, Danny Thomas, Ben Blue, Don Drysdale)

Jack Benny?s Bag (Nov 16, 1968 ) Eddie Fisher, Phyllis Diller, Lou Rawls, Dick Clark,Jack Lemmon & Walter Mattheau cameo as the Odd Couple)

Set #3
Jack Benny?s New Look (Dec 3,1969) Gregory Peck, George Burns, Nancy Sinatra,Gary Puckett & the Union Gap)

Jack Benny?s Birthday Special (Feb 17,1969) Lucille Ball, Dan Blocker, Ann-Margret,Jerry Lewis, Lawrence Welk, Dennis Day, Don Wilson)

Set #4
Jack Benny?s 20th Anniversary Special (Nov 16,1970) Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope,Dinah Shore, Red Skelton, Mary Livingston, Eddie Anderson)

Jack Benny?s First Farewell Special (Jan 18,1973) Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Flip Wilson, George Burns, Joey Heatherton, Isaac Hayes, Gov Ronald Reagan

Set #5 Jack Benny's Second Farewell Special (Jan 24,1974) Johnny Carson, Dinah Shore,Redd Foxx, Dean Martin)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jack Benny?.(March 10,1971)Lucille Ball, John Wayne, George Burns, Dionne Warwick,)

Set #6)
Jack Benny in Australia (1964) Lorrae Desmond, Johnny O?Keefe)

Carnegie Hall Salutes Jack Benny (September 27,1961) Isaac Stern, Benny Goodman, Robert Peters, Eugene Ormandy

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