THE JACKIE GLEASON SHOW - VOL. 1 The Great One returns to his forte, the comedy/variety show, with this splashy series.

Opening with Jackie's big entrance. During his monologue, he would often take a sip of supposedly spiked coffee and bulge his eyes, declaring 'How sweet it is' or something to indicate how strong the coffee was. Often the show's stiff bandleader, Sammy Spear, was the subject of one of Jackie's jokes. A regular character in this series was Jackie as Joe the Bartender. While tending bar, he would bring out Crazy Guggenheim (Frank Fontaine) who could be described as Gomer Pyle's stranger, drunk brother. After delivering a few jokes in a goofy voice, he would be encouraged to sing; Fontaine had a smooth, warm singing voice.
Another recurring sketch featured Alice Ghostley as Agnes, with Jackie as Arthur, playing a couple of shy people who lived in New York City. The show would also feature many of Jackie?s most famous characters the Reggie Van Gleason, the Poor Soul and many more. It was a series of one crazy skit after another. (Note: this series did not feature the Honeymooners)
After two seasons from NYC, Jackie moved himself and the show to Miami Beach, bring about the famous intro ("From the sun and fun capitol of the world, Miami Beach...") and Jackie's closing declaration that Miama Beach audiences are the greatest audiences in the world! This is truly a one of the classic variety shows from a bygone era. It was fast paced and full of visual sight gags. Gleason at his best. VOLUME ONE INCLUDES 48 SHOWS ON 6 DVDS.

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