JUNGLE RAIDERS starring Robert Moore

One of the screen's favorite tough blondes, the delightful Veda Ann Borg, stole the show in this low-budget serial. Although star-billed (with leading man Kane Richmond and comic relief Eddie Quillan), Veda was the serial's villainess, making life difficult for placid little Janet Shaw, the nominal heroine. The sarcastic Borg played the alluring accomplice of nasty Jake Regan (Western bad man Charles King), a typical serial rotter who will leave no stone unturned in his search for a priceless African treasure. Having kidnapped Dr. Reed (Budd Buster), the villains have to deal with the man's daughter (Shaw) and her gallant boyfriend, Bob Moore (Richmond). Things get complicated when Zara (Carol Hughes), the beautiful High Priestess, sides with Regan.

JUNGLE RAIDERS starring Robert Moore
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