Laramie, considered by many to be one of the best family westerns of all time, debuted on NBC on September 15, 1959. Long sought after by collectors and fans, TMG and NBC are proud to present for the first time the complete, collection of season two of this great television series.

With great western scenery and action, these stirring tales of life on the edge of the frontier in Wyoming Territory in the 1870's bring the Old West to life again as Slim Sherman and Jess Harper team up to tame a wild new country. Serious, funny and a bit violent, each thrilling Laramie episode embodies the lasting values of the Code of the West, loyalty, morals and pride.

Starring John Smith (Cimarron City) as Slim Sherman and Robert Fuller (Wagon Train, Emergency) as Jess Harper, the show attracted some of Hollywoods's greatest stars in guest roles, including Julie London (Queen of Diamonds), Vera Miles and Denver Pyle (Three Roads West), Lee Van Cleef (.45 Caliber), Rod Cameron (Drifter's Gold), Ben Johnson (A Sound of Bells), James Coburn (The Mark of the Manhunters), Warren Oates (Two for the Gallows), Elisha Cooke, Jr. and Jack Elam (The Tumbleweed Wagon) and many more.



Queen of Diamonds
The Track of the jackal
Three Rode West
Ride the Wild Wind
The Long Riders
The Dark Trail
.45 Caliber
License to Kill
Drifter's Gold
No Second Chance
Duel at Parkinson Town
The Passing of Kuba Smith
Man from Kansas
Killer Without Cause
Stolen Tribute
The Lost Dutchman
Cactus Lady
Riders of the Night
Mark of Manhunters
Run of the Hunted
Two for the Gallows
The Debt
Killers' Odds
Bitter Glory
The Tumbleweed Wagon
Trigger Point
Badge of the Outsider
Men in Shadows
Strange Company
Widow in White

LARAMIE - SEASON TWO - classic TV western
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