LASH LaRUE WESTERNS - Collectors Set

 In these twelve rare classics, the fastest whip in the West is wrangling up bad guys and keeping the peace. U.S. Marshal Lash La Rue and his lovable sidekick, Fuzzy, are teaming up for plenty of laughs and Western action in this collection of digitally remastered favorites.

Dead Man's Gold

Jim Thornton, a friend of Marshal Lash LaRue and his partner, Fuzzy, has mysteriously disappeared and a greedy, gold-hungry gang are the cuprits.

Mark of the Lash

 When a land baron bullies the local ranchers with a water tariff, Lash and Fuzzy put an end to his tyranny.

Frontier Revenge

Lash has a tough new assignment—go undercover with Deuce Rago, the ringleader of a group of troublemaking desperados.

Outlaw Country

On their way to breakup a gang of counterfeiters, Lash and Fuzzy run into the infamous Frontier Phantom.

Son of Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid has become an honest, straight-laced banker, but Marshal Pat Garrett isn't buying into his old foe's new life.

Son of a Badman

Fuzzy battles a bad tooth while he and Lash also battle a masked villian name El Sombre.

The Dalton's Gang

The Legendary Dalton Gang is wreaking havoc in the West and Lash and Fuzzy are hot on the trail.

King of the Bullwhip

Lash and Fuzzy are called in to help take care of a whip-wielding bandit name El Azote.

The Thundering Trail

Lash and Fuzzy plan to escort a newly-appointed governor to Capitol City, but the trip requires them to travel the outlaw-ridden Thundering Trail.

The Vanishing Outpost

Lash comes to the rescue when a rowdy bar patron causes a disturbance and he and Fuzzy are recruited to stick around to keep the peace.

The Black Lash

Lash and Fuzzy learn taht their old enemy, Deuce Rago, is out of jail and up to no good.

The Frontier Phantom

Lash is arrested when he is mistaken for the Frontier Phantom, which leads him to tell the story of his look-alike-brother—the true culprit.


Lash LaRue Westerns
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