LAUGHS AND FOLLIES with George Burns and Sammy Davis Jr

Here are two very funny TV specials that were done strictly for laughs

LAUGHTER U.S.A. - On September 17, 1961 George Burns hosted this delightful hour long special taking a look back at over 50 years of laughter in the movies, on stage and in TV.   And who better to take us on this trip into the past than the man how was there all those years.  You will find laughs at the great silent comics of the silver screen and travel into those sound years of W.C.Fields, the Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy and many more.   Then through film clips relive the comics of TV - Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Jack Paar and many more.    This truly is an hour of total laughter in a very rare, well preserved show from over 50 years ago.

NBC FOLLIES OF 1972 -  Here’s  another hour of laughter in this delightful TV special from 1972 that starred Sammy Davis Jr in an hilarious “HERE COME DA JUDGE” skit also featuring Andy Griffith and Don Knotts.   The laughter and song continue with the Lennon Sisters.   Sammy is back with more music and you will howl with laughter at a very funny Andy Griffith/Don Knotts comedy routine about a delivery boy and a bachelor.  The show ends with the three stars in a histarical musical bit.  A very rare treat from 40 years ago. 

LAUGHS AND FOLLIES with George Burns and Sammy Davis Jr
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