We searched all over for the original Laurel & Hardy shorts released by The Nostalgia Merchant in the 1980s and finally found 10 volumes. These have been carefully transfered to DVD and they are excellent quality. This collection also includes the classic movie Flying Deuces. Starring: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

45 Rare treasures on 12 DVDs - JUST UPDATED! Interactive menus, nicely packaged and shrink wrapped.


Disc One
“The Music Box”
“County Hospital”
“The Live Ghost”
“Twice Two”

Disc Two
“Towed In A Hole”
“Hog Wild”

Disc Three
“Oliver The 8th”
“Their First Mistake”
“Busy Bodies”
“Dirty Works”

Disc Four
“Another Fine Mess”
“Come Clean”
“Laughing Gravy”
“Any Old Port”

Disc Five
“Be Big”
“The Perfect Day”
“Night Owls”

Disc Six
“Our Wife”
“The Fixer Upper”
“Them Thar Hills”
“Tit For Tat”

Disc Seven
“Below Zero”
“Thicker Than Water”
“Midnight Patrol”
“Me And My Pal”

Disc Eight
“Men O’ War”
“Laurel & Hardy Murder Case”
“One Good Turn”

Disc Nine
“Beau Hunks”
“Chicken Come Home”
“Going Bye-Bye
“Berth Marks”

Disc Ten
“The Chimp”
“Unaccustomed As We Are”
“They Go Boom”
“The Hoose-Gow”

Disc Eleven
"On The Wrong Trek"
"Stolen Jools"
"The Flat Tire"
This Is Your Life (TV Show)

Disc Twelve
Flying Deuces
(1939 Full Length Movie)

Laurel and Hardy - Nostalgia Merchant Collection
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