LONE WOLF TV SERIES starring Louis Hayward

The Lone Wolf TV SERIES starring Louis Hayward

Louis Joseph Vance's MICHAEL LANYARD, better known as THE LONE WOLF, didn't start out as a private eye, but as a criminal. However, like Jack Boyle's Boston Blackie, thanks to his numerous re-creations in film, radio and television, The Lone Wolf is now best remembered these days chiefly as a sort of gentleman thief turned private eye. It's said The Lone Wolf was the inspiration for Leslie Chartis' The Saint. He certainly proved to be popular, right from the start.

The Lone Wolf was first aired on the 1st of May 1955 and ended on the 1st of December 1955. The series has thirty-nine episodes and was written by Anthony Ellis and Bernard Girard among many others. It was directed by Rodney Amateau and Seymour Friedman and starred by Louis Hayward.

The series follows the exploits of Michael Lanyard known as the Lone Wolf as he travel the world and battle with the evil forces. This 39 episode set is commercial free and the largest set available. It also includes bonus episode of early TV detective series - PHILO VANCE DETECTIVE.  This is excellent quality rates an average 8 to 9

The Long Beach Story
The Avalanche Story
The Chinese Story
The Carnival Story
The Blue Lantern Story
The Ski Story
The Plantation Story
The Malibu Story
The Murder Story
The Honolulu Story
Skid Row
The Arena
The Karachi Story
The Las Vegas Story
The Italian Story
The Hunt
The Oil Story
The Boy Story
The Emerald Ring

The Department Store Story"

The Mexico Story"

The Art Story"

The Carlsbad Big Lie Story"

The Last Ballet Story"

The Beverly Hills Story"

The Jet Story"

The San Francisco Story"

The Savage"

Deep Sea Diving"

The Werewolf Story"

The Stamp Story"

The Minister Story"

The Robbery Story"

The Wife Story"

The Planetarium Story"

The San Pedro Story"

The Runaway Story"

The Newhall Story"

LONE WOLF TV SERIES starring Louis Hayward
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