LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE starring Russell Hayden

LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE starring Russell Hayden, Keye Luke & Lionel Atwell

In the Himalayas, the lost city of Zalabar, with its rare mineral deposits, is discovered. Archeologist Dr. Elmore and his daughter Marjorie recognize the value of the mineral, called "meteorium." United Peace Foundation Agent Rod Stanton (Russell Hayden) and Pendrang native Tal Shan (Keye Luke) are entrusted to protect it. International warmonger Sir Eric Hazarias (Lionel Atwill in his farewell appearance) wants the Meteorium they've discovered, the only practical defense against the atomic bomb,and turn nations against each other. Hazarias's crew of henchmen lurk around every corner and behind every tree, and interfere with the agents' mission at every turn. Can our heroes survive the "Pendrang Guillotine," "Fire Jet Torture," and "Atomic Vengeance" that the sinister Hazarias and his crew have in store for them?

This serial was Lionel Atwill's farewell appearance on the big screen -- he was unable to complete the filming and some scenes were completed by a double, or his onscreen assistant "Malborn." Texas native Jane Adams, seen also in House of Dracula, was originally signed to the studio's contract as a result of movie producer Walter Wanger's nationwide search for "the most beautiful girl in the world." She plays the archeologist's daughter in the serial.

LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE starring Russell Hayden
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