Laramie: Season One

Laramie, considered by many to be one of the best family westerns of all time, debuted on NBC on September 15th, 1959. Long sought after by collectors and fans, THIS IS THE REMASTERED PRINTS SERIES. Starring John Smith as Slim Sherman and Robert Fuller as Jess Harper, the fine cast also included songwriting great Hoagy Carmichael (Stardust, Ole Buttermilk Sky) as Jonesy and Robert Crawford, Jr. as Andy Sherman. Each weekly episode brought Hollywood guest stars to the show, including Eddie Albert and Nanette Fabray (Glory Road), James Coburn (The Iron Captain), Gena Rowlands (The Run to Tucumvaca), Brian Keith (The General Must Die), Charles Bronson and Richard Farnsworth (Street of Hate), and Ben Johnson (The Hour After Dawn). 31 Exciting Episodes! Beautiful Quality



Stage Stop (in COLOR)
Glory Road
Circle of Fire
Fugitive Road
The Star Trail
The Lawbreakers
The Iron Captain
General Delivery
The Run to Tumavaca
The General Must Die
Dark Verdict
Man of God
Bare Knuckles
The Lonesome Gun
Night of the Quiet Man
The Pass
Trail Drive
Day of Vengeance
The Legend of Lily
Death Wind
Company Man
Rope of Steel
Due at Alta Mesa
Street of Hate
Ride or Die
Hour After Dawn
The Protectors
Saddle and Spur
Midnight Rebellion
Cemetery Road
Men of Defiance

Laramie: Season One
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