MACKENZIE’S RAIDERS starring Richard Carlson


Colonel Mackenzie, the commander of the 4th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Clark, Texas in 1873, receives secret orders from President U.S. Grant and General Phil Sheridan to stop Mexican bandits from crossing the Rio Grande River into the  U.S. or from returning to Mexico.
From the archives of the United States Cavalry, the true story of Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie and the Cavalrymen he led, Mackenzie’s Raiders. Mackenzie’s mission was clear-cut. For American Cavalry to make unauthorized raids into Mexico meant risking international incident, but the battle-wise Mackenzie routinely galloped across the border to inflict punishment on marauding bandidos, gun runners and renegade Apaches who raided on American soil then crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico seeking safety. But, if he or his troops were caught, our government would disown him. Mackenzie’s forays into Mexico soon made the outlaws think twice about raiding in Texas. 1958 – 59 TV Classics – 4 DVD Set. All 39 half-hour episodes.

MACKENZIE’S RAIDERS starring Richard Carlson
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