MEET MR. McNUTLEY - The Ray Milland Show

MEET MR. McNUTLEY Aired Thursday 8:00 PM September 17, 1953 - September 30, 1955

 Meet Mr. McNutley (later retitled The Ray Milland Show) was a situation comedy with Ray Milland in the role of fastidious Professor Ray McNutley, the head of the English Department at the fictitious Lynnhaven College for girls. Phyllis Avery portrayed McNutley's wife, Peggy.

 The show was retitled The Ray Milland Show in season two and Professor McNutley switches from English instruction to drama. The character’s name is changed from “McNutley” to “McNulty” and the institution becomes Comstock University. Lloyd Corrigan also joins the cast as Dean Dodsworth. This is a 6 DVD-R set. The quality rating of these shows varies due to the age of the film. Most are 8-9.




The Tree

Egg & Ray


Call me Dad




Other LifeField Trip

New Coach

Poet & Peggy

Stage Struck

Happy Home

Civil Improvement

Ray’s Promotion

Faculty Wife

Mr Sargent & The Lady

Professor Writes a Play

 Christmas Story

 Christmas Party

Meet Mr. McNutley, Ray Milland Show
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